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Friday, May 7, 2021

The Chronicles of Nani - Seasonal Allergies

 A Chronic Illness SHOULD Make You Immune To Common Stuff

If you have a chronic illness like the MS I have, Parkinson's that including some very well-known entertainers have, diabetes that my second adopted big brother had since he was two years old, lupus tormented an old friend of mine, and the thousands of people I've read about with fibromyalgia. I did that book report about Judith Heuman’s book Being Heuman, living life in a wheelchair WAY before the ADA because of polio.

We are SPECIAL. Because we get these wonderful chronic illnesses we should automatically be immune from everything common. The common cold, a common flu, and seasonal allergies should be things that we no longer have to worry about because we’re special. 

I wish that were true. Because today's relatively brief, for me, Vlog is all about how spring allergies have kicked me in the butt… because multiple sclerosis is not enough.

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