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I am overcoming my inability to type with my ability to talk (and talk and talk and talk) I'll be posting a video every week on my YouTube channel. I'll be posting those videos here too along with an occasional regular blog in the mix. (As long as my hands are up to doing the extra typing.)

You'll be able to watch the videos here, but I encourage you to stop by my channel at YouTube once I'm up and running to follow me and get my numbers started!

Welcome to my coffee shop in Cyber Space
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Friday, September 18, 2020

The Chronicles of Nani Face Masks & Pumpkin Spice

While I'm locked up in the house, I've gotten some fantastic gifts from friends. My friend Edna made me a fantastic cool lapghan that gets me outside for a few minutes on hot summer days while staying cool with cotton yarn lap again without having to get fully dressed to protect my dignity to be outside for a few minutes. I got some great FaceTime calls around my birthday and a package of cat stuff from my friend Sheri, that I received on my birthday but it was not a birthday present because she knows I prefer presence over presents, but that included a mask for when I can eventually get out. I also got the gift of some absolutely wonderful cupcakes from one of my aides.

Just this past Wednesday another aide brought me medicinal coffee. It's medicinal because my doctor got me hooked on it, right? Bad doctors will let you get hooked on prescription drugs. Good doctors get you hooked a new coffee drinks!  When I was seeing my doctor every week at the end of 2018/Beginning of 2019, because I had broken bones in both of my feet, she brought me Butter Bear from Biggby Coffee a couple of times and it was enough to get me hooked. As my feet healed she helped me wean off the opioids I was on for the pain, but she never told me to stop drinking the coffee!

This week I talk about face masks, many types of which I've received as gifts, and my favorite - PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON is here!!! It's a combination of fantastic gifts I've received from beautiful enabler's of my of my lifelong passions! (Thank you to everyone of you who has contributed to that addiction over the years!)

Friday, September 4, 2020