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I am overcoming my inability to type with my ability to talk (and talk and talk and talk) I'll be posting a video every week on my YouTube channel. I'll be posting those videos here too along with an occasional regular blog in the mix. (As long as my hands are up to doing the extra typing.)

You'll be able to watch the videos here, but I encourage you to stop by my channel at YouTube once I'm up and running to follow me and get my numbers started!

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Friday, August 28, 2020

The Chronicles of Nani - Symptoms 2

Friday, August 14, 2020

The Chronicles of Nani - MS & Heat

It's been a crazy week this week and I barely got the vlog done, let alone any reading of other blogs, and I'm so sorry about that! I hope I'm going to get a chance to catch everything up this weekend after recording day tomorrow. Video doctor appointments take less time away from the computer than a trip to Cleveland, but are also a distraction from things going on on the computer!

A couple of hectic days for David working from home kind of adds to the distractions too.

Please enjoy this weeks vlog

Thursday, August 6, 2020

More To Come!

Credits: Sports Galore by Magical Scraps Galore

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If you're reading this, I hope you got a chance to see the debut of The Chronicles of Nani vlog. I'm posting a blog episodes here as well because the YouTube channel and The Chronicles of Nani blog are partners. I'm still learning a lot about the YouTube channel and I'm sure I'll get better as it grows. I don't know for sure that you have to have a YouTube account or a Gmail account to subscribe to a YouTube vlog. But even if you watch the videos here on the blog, I'd really appreciate it if you stop over at the YouTube channel which you can get to from the videos on the blog and hit subscribe. You only have to do that once for me to get the YouTube credit and then you can continue just watching the videos here.

My second vlog, about sports restarting in 2020, will debut tomorrow, Friday, at 8 AM. My future vlogs will all debut on Friday at 8 AM. The only reason the first one debuted on a Tuesday is because I wanted my YouTube channel to launch before I turned 54. I turned 54 last Wednesday. One thing I've definitely discovered with the first two vlogs is that it's a lot easier for me to do the video and a little bit of editing, which I love video editing, than to type or speech to text and go back to fix the text.

I record video on Saturdays, because that's the day that David has to go in the office to work instead of working from home. (That's the reason why I can't do anything that requires a lot of typing during the week. I need to be quiet when he's working at home. So speech to text is not possible at that time.) Put in earbuds or put on noise canceling headphones and I can edit the video pieces until my hands fall off. Plus I've been told that I have a good voice and a nice smile. Also, if it's video, you’ll KNOW that I'm telling the truth about how I feel or am feeling. I've never been able to get away with lying if you're looking at me.

I have discovered that if it rains or there are gray skies on Saturday, I have two problems. First my main source of light comes from the big picture window in front of me, so if it's gray outside the lights not so great inside. Also, it may be more importantly, when it's gray outside and the barometric pressure is low it tends to make my MS symptoms worse, that usually means my legs hurt more, my arms are more numb and worst of all my speech seems to be a little worse because there seems to be a delay in the connection of my brain and mouth. But I still make it work.

My video stuff is the biggest thing in my world right now. I'll try to make my next BLOG entry about something else! In the meantime this week, I hope you come back tomorrow and see the next vlog!