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I am overcoming my inability to type with my ability to talk (and talk and talk and talk) I'll be posting a video every week on my YouTube channel. I'll be posting those videos here too along with an occasional regular blog in the mix. (As long as my hands are up to doing the extra typing.)

You'll be able to watch the videos here, but I encourage you to stop by my channel at YouTube once I'm up and running to follow me and get my numbers started!

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Friday, August 12, 2022

Chronicles of Nani - Sit Down or Fall Down

A better version of last week? Well certainly a better looking version than last week!

It includes me actually drinking from a coffee mug that has a story, a fun story. And some actual smiles!

I noticed, even at a lower level, I only have one extra chin sometimes that’s not that prevalent and both of my dimples are coming back. (Somewhere between the thyroid medicine and WW I'm even starting to look like my old self.)

An unplanned week off did me some good!

#MultipleSclerosis #wheelchair #SuttonWV

Friday, August 5, 2022

Chronicles of Nani - Replay: Know Your Limits

Sometimes things can get overwhelming. I've jokingly said before that I'm the most overworked disabled person I know. Some are by choice. I don't HAVE to do Chronicles of Nani and yet in so many ways and for so many reasons I do have to do it.

But there are other things too. My husband works all day and there are a lot of things he doesn't have time to do. It's a choice between having dinner or getting me clean. I have to be honest sometimes that's a rough choice. But my being clean, while it's healthier in the long run, doesn't put dinner in his belly.

So I have a list of major priorities that I have to take care of. I'm not physically able to clean the house but I have to get the house tidied and in order or I can't get a home health aide that will stay and work with me to keep me clean and healthy. I also need to make sure that things are put away in an order that I know where everything is so that when someone asks me or some thing is I can tell them exactly where to look. I have drawers labeled for everything and I'm going through now figuring out if I need to get some more drawers. I am also desperately trying to figure out a way to get my haircut and the color adjusted before looking at myself drives me crazy. (That part is personal but it's very important for my mental health.)

So there's an abundance of things I need to do, but there are things that I need, especially for my health, and want really badly. And I'm the only one who is going to be able to get them done. So this wiek I am taking a break to try to get things caught up than I need to and I'm showing a rerun from a year ago that I should've watched a couple weeks ago.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Chronicles of Nani - Celebrations! (But I'm Hiding)

Now you see me, now you don't? Oh you'll see me in this vlog, just not a ton at first. My husband washed my hair when he was really not in the mood to be washing my hair. That only do I look like my hair was washed by someone who didn't want to wash it, but I look downright scary!

It's not fair! This blood premieres on my birthday and just one day after the two year anniversary of Chronicles of Nani on YouTube. I should get to look like happy party girl that is scary Halloween girl.

But there is some fun video of me in my house and some fantastic pictures of deer & fawns take a note just by me and my husband but with the permission of neighbors in the nextdoor group. Thank you so much to everybody that added their photos of sweet spotted little babies!

Friday, July 22, 2022

Chronicles of Nani - Bits & Bytes

If there are disabled people who have nothing to do except sit around the house watch TV and if they're lucky someone will leave them bonbons to eat, I must be doing something wrong.

Okay, I was forced into early retirement because of MS and as a recovering workaholic, I'm not even sure I would have actually retired. I just spent a week with my dad, also someone who sucks at being retired. He limps badly, it hurts me to watch, but it's moving that keeps him feeling okay. Aside from being wonderful company and conversation for me he was also an incredible cook every day he was here, cleared the weeds out of my wheelchair ramp area, washed a huge backlog of dirty dishes, scrubbed the stove surface and repaired the broken trimwork that keeps the bathroom door closed. He also made a few trips to different hardware stores to get all of the pieces necessary to fix our broken mailbox. THAT'S how I wanted to retire someday. And probably still do a YouTube show about some thing because I really couldn't stop working.

But well my husband seem to have had a miserable week because he couldn't spend it all completely away as originally planned, I actually had a nice week of vacation. But then also left me with a HUGE list of things that I need to do including record and get the show ready to premier.

This week’s show is all about what you put together when you have about 10 minutes to figure out what you're going to do in two days to record and put together the entire thing. I think I'm still pretty good at what I did before I was forced to retire early.

(Of course thanks to MS, it took lots of caffeine to get it done and about a three hour nap when it was finished.)

Friday, July 15, 2022

Chronicles of Nani - Plan B

The best laid plans of mice and Nanis…

When we last left our face in the recliner talking about home health aides, things ended with the happy announcement phone with an aid that was going to come in every day while my husband was away. Now is where the “best laid plans” mine comes in.

The nurse who was coming in to do aide work for the week is terribly allergic to cats. I don't usually think about the cats first I worry about the Hoyer lift first

So we had to come up with Plan B, definitely some thing I learned and taught my nieces about from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Book. "Always have a back up plan.”

That works for any plans anyone has, but it also works for when you suddenly find that you have a chronic illness or you end up in a wheelchair. That's definitely a situation where your best laid plans for life change.

It also prompted me to look up the phrase "the best laid plans of mice and men," because I was curious about exactly where it came from. A Scottish poem written by Robert Burns in 1785. It's fascinating how many books, other poems, movies and even a Jethro Tull song have mentioned parts of that poem or parts that are translated from that poem. The Wikipedia page (It's not a very long page) is worth reading just to find out how many things you've heard it in. Very cool!

Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits:

Robert Burns’ poem To A Mouse: