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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This One’s For Edna

Bring your own coffee, I have the black forest cake!

I’m sorry that I’ve been so scarce lately! Edna is a sweetheart for looking in on me. Thank you for missing me, my friend! :D

Okay, truth be told I’ve been crazy-busy yet at the same time, there’s not been much to talk about.

I finished 2007 in my scrapbooks and those pages are uploaded and ready to print at Inkubook. I’m nowhere near staying kept up with 2010, but I’m really trying to get a page a day in the evenings to get that back on track.

I’m working on a project for Rina’s and Tori’s Sweet 16 party. Can you believe how OLD they have gotten?? It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in a production truck on Labor Day with a beeper on a chain around my neck waiting for the page to call to get the news that I was an Aunt!

Okay, just the fact that I was using a pager kinda screams of a LONG TIME AGO, doesn’t it?

They’ll be celebrated with a Hawaiian Luau at the end of this month! It’s before they’ll actually be 16, but with the promise of warmer weather for a pool party. My brother just moved to a new house with a pool, so that has now become part of the Hawaiian theme! I’m happy it gave me an excuse to buy the safari shirt with the palm trees I was strangely drawn to in a catalog. I’m also kinda happy that I had to return the Capri pants I got to go with it and get them in TWO sizes smaller!

My house is making me insane! I have to get the clutter of boxes sorted out and organized. I have major cleaning to do! I feel like half of Grandma’s house ended up here and I’m in great jeopardy of not being able to do anything for Christmas this year, which honestly, will devastate me!

See? Crazy-busy with uninteresting stuff!

School starts this week with an on campus class and test prep. There is another thing that keeps me from blogging too often! I am hoping to start my regular features up again in September. Kaline has also been bugging me for some computer time because her blog is behind. (Her Daddy has been bugging ME about it too!)

So, I’ll be back more often soon! I have a few things coming up that require my attention, but I really hope to have things organized in some semblance of useful order for the fall. Then I’ll be back with apples and pumpkin spice and a look back at WOW I really did do a lot this summer!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

The last Day of Nanifest XLIV

Nanifest - AKA National Black Forest Cake week!

Happy August! This is the last day of Nanifest XLIV. David and I have plans to go out to dinner. The plan was a sunny day would be railfanning and a casual sit-down at the end of the day instead of a fast food stop on the way home. A cloudy day would be a day at home and a little nicer dinner. Right now, it’s a little gloomy, but the weather forecasters are calling it as a supposed to be sunny day. Not like they’ve never been wrong before, so we’ll see!

Yesterday was an awesome day! I met Sheri and Heather for lunch at Cracker Barrel. Heather got me a card with a cute puppy with sunglasses hanging out a window on it, totally adorable! They split my bill, which I told them they totally didn’t have to do! My birthday present was them having lunch with me! Then Sheri told me there was no discussion to have so just say, “thank you,” and shut up. I smiled and said, “thank you.” I have GREAT friends! After lunch we sat on the porch and talked. It was a little humid, but not too hot and pleasant for sitting outside.

In was meeting Scott at 4:00 so he could follow me to Pop’s for dinner. I was really thinking I’d go to Pop’s and then go meet Scotty at the designated time. When I got in the car, eeks! It was 3:58! Time to meet Scotty first – late!

I was really only about 15 minutes late and we went to my Dad’s.

Pop made marinated chicken with grilled veggies and green beans. YUM!! I was originally going to have coffee with Scotty after lunch and then come back for dinner. Pop told me that was silly and I should invite Scotty. He hadn’t seen Scott in a long time and wanted to have him over for dinner. They have a little barky dog who would not stop barking at Scotty. I think she thought this new guy was replacing her half-brother-in-law! David had to work, or I would have brought them both!

Dad got me a totally awesome birthday present that will save me a weekly trip tot the produce market! I got a big bag of zucchini and an equally big bag of green beans – my favorite veggies, along with a bag of tomatoes and white peaches. Pop often sends fresh veggies home with me, but this market trip was one to pick out my favorites! I also got a card from him, one my Aunt had nothing to do with picking out, she hadn’t even seen it. Pop chose the card and this time he chose a mushy one. It made me cry. I think he was getting even for the Father’s Day card that got him all misty this year, but the card was so awesome! I just love those magical little pieces of paper that hold a wish, a smile or an emotion forever! I have a box that I keep all my cards in. That’s the one thing that will NOT leave when I start my anti-packrat clean sweep in September! Those cards through the years are the pick-me-ups when I’m feeling down, reminders that I am and have always been loved, and they are sweetest reminders of those who aren’t with me any longer, their own writing and things we have both touched.

Next year, the actual Naniday is on a Friday, so I’m back to 2-week festivals for a couple of years. As for this year, today is the last day of Nanifest, so if you haven’t already, you can celebrate with me by having an ice cream and treat your kids, or a child who is close to you to have one with you!

Thanks for reading and being part of my world, part of what makes that world great and Nanifest worth celebrating every year!!