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Saturday, January 11, 2020

First Post of 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to 2020!

Yes, I do realize that it's the11th of January already. I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed with the many priorities in my life right now. And they're all important priorities to me which is why I'm talking to a therapist who is helping me sort out my priorities. Remember I've blogged before about the importance of realizing when you need a little help. My niece is a therapist in Indiana and I couldn't be more proud. She's in a profession that is just as important as any of the other medical professions. I think there are a lot of medical problems that can at least be helped by talking to someone who knows what questions to ask to help us find the answers to mental blocks we maybe put it in front of ourselves.

DISCLAIMER: I am not by any means saying that you should not see a medical professional on a regular basis nor am I saying that a therapist can cure everything that's going on with you mentally, sometimes you do need medication.

But one thing that I will say is that it never hurts to talk to a professional even if it's just one session every now and then to keep your psyche straight. Most insurance will even cover those appointments that could very well cost them more down the road

OK, my plug for the psychology/psychiatry profession is done.

So what do you think of the 2020 photo that started the blog? I think the colors are great; soothing and exciting at the same time. That's my January desktop. It's one of the three backgrounds you can get from the web. I picked this one out on New Year's Eve.

What I'm gonna do today, at least in part, is talk about my goals and projects for the coming year. This is something I've done in the past on my blog in January, but also keep in mind that “talking to a therapist about setting my priorities up” but I talked about in the beginning of the page. This year I am accepting and working on “Projects and Goals” as an ongoing project itself.

I guess I'm going to start with my first goal - I haven't done "Goals and Projects” on my blog since 2017. I need to speak that affirmation for myself out loud and in print every year. It helps. I also haven't done a logo since 2016.

As a creative person that's part of the affirmation. I'll be working on the 2020 logo and before the weekend is over the goals and projects 2020 affirmation post will be a reality.

Stay tuned!