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Friday, July 24, 2015

Computer Kernels Shouldn't Pop

Oh, Hi!

The computer that has been renamed "Stupid" is back from a couple of days with the Geek Squad which was preceded by about 6 days of uselessness. I was trapped by abysmally slow everything from Photoshop to browser to the windows on the desktop! I was quite tired of seeing the spinning wheel and the note on the top of every window "not responding."

Then the "blue screen of death" joined the fun. Mind you, it wasn't every day; it was SEVERAL TIMES every day.

After two all afternoon sessions with the Geek Squad doing a remote cleaning of the system and thinking they had it fixed, the blue screen message told me there was a kernel problem. I snapped a picture of the blue screen and message with my iPad so I could take Stupid in to see the Geeks in person.

I remembered that the kernel is a major important part of the computer, but I couldn't remember if it was hardware or software. I'm still paying down the iPad and some medical bills that have to be taken care of before I can even think about installments on the new computer, my switch back to Mac. But I did think about it. If Stupid couldn't be fixed...

I looked up info and re-educated myself about kernels. They are the important root of the operating system. I knew the Geeks would need to completely wipe the computer and reload a new OS on the empty computer.It took a while to back up every document on my extended hard drives, copy the URLs for my bookmarked web pages and get together a list of software and keys that would need to be downloaded and reinstalled.

Once I finally had everything backed up I was ready to pack up Stupid and take him in to the Doctors Geek. You see, the kernel is essentially the base of the operating system that enables it to communicate with the computer's guts. Everything was slow because the whole operating system, thus the whole computer, was sick! The Geek Squad called yesterday afternoon to let me now Stupid was ready to come home and David stopped at Best Buy for me after work. Today will be one more all day session of "Nani is a tech" instead of "Nani is a creative." You see, it adds up to Stupid had a lobotomy and he has to be retaught everything!

During my week-plus with no access, I couldn't get to my blog reader on blogger so I have some reading to do. I need to transfer over my daily journal notes (project 365) from my iPad to a "pre-Photoshop document" and when this mess started and Photoshop was the first program I couldn't use at all, 11 days ago, I was one page ahead on my page-a-day goal. Now I'm 10 pages behind! I've been working on putting Stupid back together since 8:00 last night, taking a break so Kaline had a lap to sleep on overnight. I got my fonts loaded and started to reload Photoshop before bed.  This morning I finished loading PS and updating the preferences, finished resetting the passwords, permissions and preferences on Windows and put my scrapbooking sites on the Chromite bookmarks bar. Maybe by the end of the day I'll get to do some blog-reading and even scrap a page?

I'll be doing a post about my visit to the Apple department when I took Stupid in. Aside from the fact that I'm used to addressing him as "Stupid Computer" now, there's a reason why he's still named Stupid instead of getting the name Joey back. I've moved the mouse of the computer that's worthy of being named after Joey Votto and it doesn't run on a Windows OS!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Book Review: Inferno (Reilly Steel #2) by Casey Hill

Finished July 20, 2015

Synopsis on Good Reads

Read the clues. Decode the science. Reveal the murderer.

That's Reilly Steel's mantra. Find the answers, solve the crime. But the Quantico-trained forensic investigator is finding her skills aren't enough when a ferociously intelligent killer strikes Dublin.

The modus operandi is as perplexing as it is macabre. What connects the two seemingly disparate, high-profile victims?

Their corpses refuse to give up their secrets and the crime scenes prove a forensic investigator's worst nightmare. Reilly soon suspects that she may be dealing with a killer - or killers - who know all about crime scene investigation.

The police are just as frustrated by the crimes' impenetrable nature and it's only when a third murder occurs - equally graphic and elaborate in its execution - that they discover that this particular killer is using a very specific blueprint for his crimes.

Who is the killer's next victim, the real target? And what's his endgame?

My Review on Reads
5 of 5 stars

Inferno is the follow-up to Taboo and it was a great read. I didn't expect a reference to Dates Inferno and the Divine Comedy, since a book by the same name I read at the beginning of the year was, but I loved the art references and also enjoyed comparing the way those references were used so differently. The murders were gruesome in accordance with the dark Renaissance work they take their influence e from.

A brilliant killer stays one step ahead of the police, even after they put the murders together and start to figure out the puzzle. And the motive; are the heinous crimes somehow justified? Can they be? I love a book that's intense, exciting and makes you think. Inferno did a wonderful job of that!