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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Things

Things haven’t really quieted down in my world so much as I took a break. The truth is I make myself busy, filling my plate with things I need to get done for myself. It keeps me from going nuts now and it also keeps my energy level in check o that I can eventually get into a paying situation for someone else. It also keeps me with goals and deadlines and keeps good professional skills honed.

I have one more appointment left on the power chair and then it’s in the insurance company’s hands. I’m not going to go into a rant about insurance companies and our second world health care system. Second world because first world nations have health care for everyone, third world health care for no one and second world, health care for the wealthy with a few things for the middle class if they are willing to go broke for it…

Okay, but I didn’t even have to get on a soap box for that.

… Actually after my hospital stay to start the year, which with a payment plan from the hospital I’ll have my part of the rest of my MRI last year and the hospital stay this year completely paid for in October 2014, my “out of pocket: limit was reached and if the insurance company okays the chair, they’ll pay for it 100%. This is why I’m nervous that they won’t approve it. A power chair is considered a luxury item and it’s only approved for in-home use. I’ve been viewed and interviewed by three reps now and my own doctor makes four that the insurance company requires to verify that I really need a power chair and I can’t get by with something cheaper. Remember as far as they are concerned I don’t need to ever leave the house, it’s a luxury if I do. Yeah, I guess getting to my doctor appointments isn’t a need and a job actually is still a luxury right now.

And without a power chair, my arms are too weak to roll up 
onto a soap box, so I'll change the subject!

Let me tell you about Bo and Woodstock. Bo is a small plush toy made in the image of the First Family’s dog. Bo Obama is the President of the furred, scaled and feathered Domestic Companions of the USA; he’s our cats’ president! So when I saw the little plush Bo, I had to get one for the kids. Woodstock is a little pillow of the Peanuts character that came with a Wendy’s kid’s meal. If I feel like hot food when we eat fast food, I get a kids meal. I usually get salad though. So, with the plethora of cat toys in our house, there is a little Woodstock and a little Bo.

Since Morgan came to live here, she has located many cat toys that had been in corners of the house somewhere, under things, probably even some in the basement. She is an overgrown kitten and loves toys. During the day I often hear the muted meows of a cat with its mouth full walking through the room. Carla does this too and I call it singing “I have a toy, I have a toy, la-la-la…” It’s actually pretty cute. Bo was one of the first toys Morgan became enamored with. Woodstock is one of Carla’s favorites. Carla has carried Woodstock around for a long time and we have often found him sitting on the bed before we turn in for the night. I’m not sure if she was playing with him on the bed or if she is lending him to us as a gift, but she always took him back.

Now remember, that we don’t have cat peace right now and the Morgan-Carla relationship is the one that is the most volatile. During the day Morgan is downstairs and Carla and Kaline stay upstairs. That’s as much their choice as it is that Morgan won’t let them come downstairs. She attacks if she sees Carla half way down the steps. Morgan has roaming privileges during the day, but she sleeps in her room with the door closed art night which gives Kaline and Carla a breather. The worst of their fighting is also at night and can be loud enough to keep us from sleeping too.

During the day I’ll hear Morgan singing as she brings Bo, then Woodstock downstairs. At night, before I quite fall asleep I hear those muffled, my mouth is full meows. It’s Carla carrying Bo or Woodstock upstairs. By morning, they’re always both in the hall or bedroom. It’s totally part of the cat wars, but it’s still funny. Bo was never one of Carla’s favorite toys until he was one of Morgan’s. And I don’t think Morgan even noticed Woodstock until it became apparent how fond of him Carla is. Both Bo and Woodstock are the pawns that both end up upstairs every morning and downstairs by every afternoon.

It’s the cold war part of it, but I’m still living in a cat warzone!


Edna B said...

I totally agree with your rant and description of our health care system. So sad to say that we live in a country that has become so material. Just makes me wonder why we keep putting these same politicians back into office that are never going to do good for the little people. Maybe it's time for simple housewives to take control of our country's health and financial matters.

I hope you get your chair soon. Pogo and I are routing for you. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I pray that you get your power chair.