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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Brighter Day

Hi there, it’s the Nani you all read and I hope at least like. If you did stop by yesterday and read, you know I wasn’t in a frame of mind to do any of my usual happy Friday posts. Sorry about that and if you did read, thanks for indulging me and I hope you don’t think any less of me. Both politically and personally crime and punishment is the nastiest and darkest my opinions get. I don’t apologize for that. But truthfully even I like the loving and giving me a lot better than the gloomy and grumpy me. Maybe it’s just that control-freak Nani wants to just fix everything I think is wrong with the world?

I am on break right now having just come back downstairs after folding a boatload of laundry that David did and brought upstairs. He does it in a few days of switching a load when he gets home and before bed, usually in the morning too so nothing is sitting in the washer wet. I get lazy and wait until it’s ALL done and sitting in baskets upstairs to be folded. Then it takes a while to do and leaves me exhausted. You’d think I'd learn to space it out. Oh, and I will; it’s just that I’m learning so much all the time about what my own limitations are, how I can expand those limitations that it’s sometimes a matter of baby steps. You know babies learn so much every day that some things take a little longer than you’d think they would. That’s me, MS and laundry folding. But it only took about 6 or 7 times before I got in the groove and perfected my spaghetti system, including salad and the extra garlic and chopped olives in mine. I totally got this.

Monday, April 22, is Earth Day. The Toledo Zoo honored Earth Day today with a major recycling drive. That means we finally got rid of the 32” TV with the shorting audio that’s been quietly sitting in our living room since fall 2010. You see it’s broken; doesn’t work, but it’s too heavy for one person to lift and where do we take it? It’s too big for our curbside cans and neither recycling nor garbage crews will pick it up. So without an easy answer, and not a lot more that an eyesore, not truly “in the way” in the living room, it sat there, getting an occasional swipe with the duster, but mostly just collecting dust for 2-1/2 years. There were other dead appliances in the garage awaiting a recycling drive too, so last night a coworker stopped by to help get the dead TV in David’s car and he added the other things in the garage “appliance graveyard” to it this morning and stopped at the zoo on the way to work. It feels awesome to get rid of those things, especially that TV, and in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.

The timing is wonderful. As David had the information about the old appliance drive at the zoo to share I texted him that we absolutely had to get rid of that space taking TV because it’s right where I want to use as a parking spot for the power chair. Yes, I got a call yesterday that insurance has okayed my power chair! Nani does the sitting happy-dance! The order was placed yesterday and they told me it would be about 2 weeks before they’d call to schedule delivery. I’ll want to schedule that for a day/time when David is home so we both hear and see the care and feeding schedule information for it.

Now I have need to see about getting a ramp installed. When I started looking at ramps we install and they were talking about where to drill holes in the porch, I figured we’d need to have it installed for us. David and I both have degrees and experience in media, not home improvement. I want put some grab bars in the bathrooms. That would be easier and much safer than using towel bars and toilet paper dispensers! Pop agrees and has also joined the family members who have said “what you really need is a ranch.” We do agree but are not rushing to move for $everal reasons. But Pop also said he’d install the ramp and grab bars! It’s good to be “always a construction princess!”

Still tired; I need coffee!


Edna B said...

Oh my, Nani!! I am so happy for you that you are finally getting your new chair. It will definitely make life much easier for you.

As for your dark and gloomy days, have no fear, we love you anyway. We all have those days once in a while.

Here, we have to take our appliances to a specified place once a year, and pay to have each item taken off our hands. Prices depend on the size of the item.

I think that a ramp, and handle bars is a great idea too. I use a chair in my shower, but have been checking out the "walk in" tubs. So far, I can get in and out of the tub, but I'm thinking ahead.

Well now it's time for me to post my own blog. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

Kansas Bob said...

I can so relate to your struggle with grab bars and ramps.

We had those challenges when we lived in the suburbs. Things have been better for my wife Ann and her wheelchair since we moved to a loft downtown. Now Ann can, on her own, travel to the library, salon, grocery store and nearby farmer's market. Moving and downsizing was hard but, 3 years later, we are glad we did.

Wish you well in this new phase of your journey. May it be better than you expect!