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Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Opening Day!

AHHHHHHH!!!!! The dark cold of the off season is gone and the sun is shining brightly. Hey it’s even sunny outside! This is the most uplifting holiday of the year to me. Christmas is warm and fuzzy and my birthday is exciting, but nothing is as fresh and new as Opening Day. The winter boredom is gone and everyone starts over all tied for first place hoping to remain there as long as they can.

Well, okay, the Texas Rangers aren’t in first place this Opening Day. They’re in last place and technically the Houston Astros are in first since in the official Opening day kick-off party last night the Astros, who are supposed to be sadly rebuilding this year, upset the perennial contenders as of late. It was a nice party as the underdog won, the Astros shellacking the Rangers 8-2. I always like it when the underdog upsets the experts. Of course, that is unless the experts are saying good things about one or both of my teams.

In case you haven’t visited The Chronicles on Opening Day before, the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game the day before is like Christmas Eve dinner; it celebrates the holiday, but the actual holiday is the next day. Opening Day is official after the parade when the first pitch is thrown by the Opening Day starter for the oldest professional team in baseball; the season is official when the Cincinnati Reds start to play!

At 4:10, I’ll be in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn toggling between FOX Sports Ohio and FOX Sports Detroit watching both the first game for the Reds and the first game for the Tigers. I watch a lot more TV once baseball season starts. I go from a half hour a week after the Super Bowl to as much as 6-7 hours a day! Of course, I usually do other things while the game is on loud enough to hear it anywhere in the house, but on Opening Day, it’s me and my living room front row seat.

For now, I'm turning it over to Acting Balanced and Touristic for the Monday Quiz!

1. Do you prank on April Fool's Day? What's the best prank you've done or had done to you?

I don’t prank. I helped David do one a few years ago. I made a CSX logo in Photoshop introducing their new mascot, “Sammy Snake.” He wrote the press release to post on a railroad fan message board.

Norfolk Southern’s logo is a stallion; horses are afraid of snakes. :)

2. Is it Spring where you are yet?

Well, it’s sunny, the crocuses are in bloom and it was almost 60 degrees yesterday, so I guess that’s spring.

3. Mint Green seems to be the 'hot color' for spring this year... either that or NEON ... which do you prefer?

I like any shade of green! My spring/summer wardrobe has a lot of lime green and some sage green. I’d probably go the mint green in clothing and the neon in everything else.

4. Wayne joined the 21st century this week... he's now got a cell phone and it's an Android smart phone... and he wants to know if you've got a smart phone and if you do, what's your favorite app or game?

I’m still happily in the 20th century, although I do have a touch screen phone, which Tori says is “a nice phone for you” when she saw it last week. I got the touch screen because I truly believe dumb phones are being phased out and we’ll all be paying the higher rates for data sometime in the near future. I need to train my wobbly hands to use the screen that way.

Apps and games are the reason I don’t have a smart phone, well that and the upcharge for a “data plan.” I don’t like phones, never have. (A parent’s dream as a teenager) A game or app won’t seduce me into liking the phone. Phones are a necessary evil to make plans and do business, but I’d rather make a plan to see people in person than talk or text on a phone. That’s not to say I won’t have a long conversation with a friend I don’t see often, but I have to be in the right mood for voice to voice without face to face.

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5.  As a baseball nut Opening Day is a major holiday in my world. What is your favorite “unofficial holiday?” (First day of school, anniversary of quitting smoking, birth of your favorite celebrity)

Of course Opening Day is it for me, but Mom and I used to go out for ice cream on June 28 to celebrate Mark Grace’s birthday, her favorite baseball player at the time and on September 4 to honor Mike Piazza’s birthday for my favorite player.

Any excuse for ice cream, right?


retired not tired said...

I have never really thought of an unofficial holiday and unfortunately I no longer follow baseball so I will watch your blog for updates.

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

we have an annual holiday in my hometown called coon dog day... i love it!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Enjoy your season!

My Kid's Mom said...

We have lots of little holidays around here - like Heritage Days, "The Testicle Festival" (the fry up lots of Mountain Oysters-I don't partake!), Spoon River Drive, Fall Festival....

blueyes said...

I've never liked holidays. They make them so commercialized they end up stripping the meaning of what it should be. I look forward to footballs draft day every year to see the new talent go to teams.

seamhead gypsy said...

A few years ago Katie was telling me about her favorite holiday. She asked me what my favorite holliday was. Without hesitation I told her "opening day.". She replied, "That isn't a holliday!" Now three years later she has learned about the error she made that day.

Happily for the next two days my world will feel normal. The Red Spx won today and are in first place!

Edna B said...

Yup, the Red Sox won. Yeah! Go Red Sox! Okay, now I can back to normal here. It must be Spring because they are playing baseball.

As for the smart phones, I don't do aps, etc. I think phones should still be phones. You know, the things we used to use to make and answer phone calls? The rest of the stuff that the phones want to do is best done, I think, on a laptop. I do not like my computer squeezed into such a tiny space. I know, I'm old fashioned!

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.