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Monday, June 25, 2012


Okay, I screamed for ice cream.  :D  I'm going to ask you to give a shout out for your favorites too!  Read on...

1. What was your favorite childhood toy?

Drowsy! She was my favorite doll and the one I took with me everywhere. She had a pull string “voice” that would say things like “I’m so sleepy.” The pull string lasted a couple of months, but Drowsy didn’t need to talk to be my favorite! Eventually, because she went everywhere with my, Drowsy started looking a little, okay a lot, worn, when my Dad started referring to her as “Lousy.”

Every couple of years Drowsy and Dave’s favorite, who went through the same kid abuse Drowsy did, Smokey the Bear, went to the North Pole for the elves to clean them up and fix them up and we got them back on Christmas Morning in new boxes and everything! Drowsy went to the North Pole for her spa trip at Thanksgiving, but my memory seems to want to say it was in September, because it seemed like she was gone so long! Six weeks in child-time is MONTHS!

2. Where did you go this weekend?

Yesterday we went out to breakfast at IHOP. I had the Red Velvet Pancakes. They were good, but honestly, I was torn between Chocolate Chip and Red Velvet and got the Red Velvet because they are on the limited time special menu. They weren’t as chocolaty in flavor and I would probably have enjoyed the Chocolate Chip more, but they were good with the butter pecan syrup, frosting and whipped cream, all on the side because I don’t even use half of it. All of it on the pancakes would be just too much sweet for breakfast for me!

While at breakfast we decided to go to the Mud Hens game at 6:00. We had “Club Seats” which are upstairs for $3 more each. We hadn’t been in club level at Fifth Third Fled before. Club Level includes an air-conditioned concessions area on the suites level. The ramps were on the very end, so David got a workout pushing me. We went in the elevators on the first base (right) side of home plate went to the left field party deck to where the ramps are, went down the ramps to the club level and then back to home plate to our seats. $3 extra per ticket is way cheaper than the cost of a gym membership! The best available wheelchair seats on the main concourse were in far left field and uncovered in the sun for the first half of the game. Our seats were great!

Club Level View

Club Level close-up, Miguel Tejada batting
When he stuck out, one row got free ice cream!

Tejada struck out once and the free ice cream didn't go to our row, so after the game, we went to Baskin Robbins. I got my usual use of my weekly Points Plus and got my double scoop in a waffle cone; one of Baseball Nut and on of America’s Birthday Cake. I can’t decide which flavor I like better and they are both summer seasonal flavors, so, yes, I mix them and no chocolate! But I had chocolate pancakes, remember? My usually ice cream conservative honey had TWO flavors of ice cream in his sundae. Man on the wild side this week! hehe.. David had a 3-scoop hot fudge sundae with 2 of Chocolate Chip and one of…wait for it….MINT Chocolate Chip! He doesn’t get my always mixing flavors either.

3. When was the last time you shopped for yourself? What did you buy?

I bought a bangle cuff bracelet from Amazon to try out. I like that style of bracelet and it seemed easier to put on myself than the Pandora style Medical ID bracelet. It is, but one of the balls that screw off so you can put the beads on fell off in the first week I had it! :(
I also got 2 new beads, in perfect Nani colors, to go with it and while the bracelet doesn’t work for me, I didn’t lose any beads, or the medical ID charm, and I put them back on the original chain. I like the fact that with a few more beads, I’ll be able to match my medical ID bracelet to anything in my wardrobe!

4. Paper, Plastic or Reusable?

We have a ton of reusable bags that we try to remember to grab, and usually do, when we grocery shop together. For quick stops, it’s plastic and we recycle them, putting them in the reusable bags and dropping them in the recycled bag container when we shop together.

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

On the subject of the ice cream;

Do you like to mix flavors when you have an ice cream shop treat or are you a single flavor person?  What's your favorite ice cream treat?


Red said...

I loved mixed flavors. Right now I am into the peanut butter and chocolate mix. This one usually lasts me a very long time as I never tire of this combination. :)

edshunnybunny said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!

In answer to your question, I'm a one flavor kind of girl, unless I'm eating a banana split, then I'll go with the 3 flavors of syrup!

I have to admit, you've got me wondering about trying different flavors together now :)


Tejada? Is that Miguel Tejada?...the ex Astro? I loved him when he played for Houston!!!!

As for the ice cream...I'd prefer frozen yogurt. But I will founder over Black Walnut Ice Cream if I ever find it in the stores of in ice cream shops. Nope, just the one flavor for me please.

Nani said...

Yes, Annie, that the same Miguel Tejada! We get to see the "Names" before and after their Major League stars shine in AAA. A triple-A city has it's perks!

retired not tired said...

I usually have one flavour however when I can't decide I will have 2.
What a wonderful story about Drowsy

Edna B said...

I don't mix flavors either. My favorite is orange-pineapple, which is hard to find. After that comes black raspberry, peach, strawberry and coffee.

We recycle everything here. Most of our trash goes out in the form of recyclables.

You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.