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Friday, June 1, 2012

Follow Friday Fun Fill-In

My Friday offerings will be a little different this week since I'm remote-blogging.  Tori and Rina are officially high school graduates now! YAY! The ceremony was nice and I confess I choked back a couple proud tears. I’m so glad I made the trip before the weekend to be there.

This week I am a cohost on the Follow Friday Fun Fill-In with Hilary at Feeling Beachie. My contributions are the last two. Please join in on the fun! I love checking to other answers to the fill-ins and seeing the different ways people interpret the fill-ins.

This week’s statements are:
1. I always ___when I___
2. ___ is very hard for me to do
3. Whenever I eat ________, I want to _____________.
4. If I ruled the world, ____________ wouldn't exist and everyone would _______.

My answers:

1. I always floss and use a fluoride rinse when I brush my teeth in the morning.

2. Resisting chocolate is very hard for me to do

3. Whenever I eat Baskin Robbins ice cream, I want to have it in a waffle cone.

4. If I ruled the world, hate and intolerance wouldn't exist and everyone would respect one another and debate without the usual hate speech.


My Kid's Mom said...

Oh chocolate! I can't resist it either.

RoryBore said...

resisiting chocolate - truth!

and totally agreed on #4. It actually takes a lot of energy to hate.....love truly is so much easier.

Edna B said...

3 - Whenever I eat homemade lasagna, I want to eat the whole pan. (I hardly ever make it now.)

4 - You took the words right out of my mouth.

Our babies do grow up, and it's okay to shed a few tears over their accomplishments. Sounds like you've been having a wonderful visit. Enjoy! You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

Lucy said...

I floss and use a rinse too!
Oh, Waffle cones are so good and so bad for my hips!
Hate and intolerance are are such strong emotions and so frustrating to deal with and hate creeps into debate all the time but we must fight to get past it or the nasty stuff wins.

P.S. if you go looking for my Fill Ins you won't find them on my Blogger Blog, they are on my Wordpress blog, which is on the Linky!
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Wayne W Smith said...

A fun set of answers. Thanks for putting me onto this hop.

Jennifer said...

Love your answer to number 4! If only!! Great contributing statements!!
Congrats to the graduates!

Arlene said...

I'm a flosser and rinser too! Definitely necessary for those of us who have trouble turning down chocolate! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hilary said...

thanks for co-hosting
waffle cones are the best!