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Monday, December 6, 2010

Cup of Coffee? Seriously?

Okay, first off, there is gloominess in the world of the Cincinnati Reds today. A limited-time marriage of number-one nemesis, the St. Louis Cardinals, and he who owns Great American Ballpark, Lance Berkman, was announced today.

No, I’m not writing to make a big worrisome, or not, statement about that, not today. I’ll have to digest that first. But I’m writing to complain about how I heard about it.

I was in Connecticut this morning. I head a about the signing of Berkman by St. Louis on New York’s WCBS radio. “After a cup of coffee with the Yankees,” Berkman is going to St. Louis. “A cup of coffee?” What? Oh, the Yankees ego!

A “cup of coffee” is a term used to describe a short stint in the major leagues, NOT a short stint with the Yankees. I wonder how Mets fans feel about that in their own city. It makes me wonder if the ugliness in bandwagon Yankee fans is their own attitude or a product of the team’s ownership or even the media in New York. I mean come on, for a news station to infer that the Yankees are the big leagues and 29 other teams are not? Please!

As I recall, the Yankees were not even the American League team that lost the World Series this year. Oh yeah, the Yankees had their cup of coffee in the playoffs earlier, before Texas cut them from October.


Edna B said...

Well said!!! No, I'm not a Yankee's fan. I'm a true blue, win or lose, Red Sox fan. I agree that the Yankee's nation has a rather big ego and bad attitude toward the rest of us.

Hope today finds you not hurting so much anymore from your fall. Now I need to see about maybe finishing up a bit of shopping. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

seamhead gypsy said...

"I'm a true blue, win or lose, Red Sox fan."


I don't know who you are Edna, but I also am a member or Red Sox Nation, a card carrying member!