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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Plasma…. Cat Plasma!

Do you remember that old cartoon? Okay, a lot of people don’t. The guy and his dog get run over and the ambulance guy asks for “plasma” and looking at the dog “dog plasma.” Then he confuses the two and the man and dog take on each other’s tendencies, to the chagrin of the wife and French poodle at home who finally say “we’re leaving,” get run over and the same attendant makes the same mistake and they all live happily ever after.

Here it is: Crazy Mixed Up Pup

That didn’t happen to Carla and me at all, but two doctors visits in one day and, well, I like that cartoon!

Okay, you might look at the time stamp and wonder what I’m doing blogging at barely Wednesday in the morning. I grumble and ask that too! I couldn’t sleep, well, not true. I wanted desperately to sleep, but this arm, grrr…

I had an 8 AM doctor’s appointment today… yesterday, um, Tuesday. My arm is still hurting a week later. Actually, it’s reached the healing point of muscular exhaustion. It’s like the nerves are re-meeting or something and I get spasms between my shoulder and elbow ranging in intensity from annoying to scare the cats. I just had one of those scare the cats ones in bed before I got up and decided to blog. Carla was under the covers next to me and David was asleep already. If I had screeched like I wanted to, I’d have awoken him in a panic for sure!

So the outcome of the doctor’s visit is that my physical therapy is being updated. No pool for a few weeks because with the arm pain, I can’t get the walker in or out of the car. I have to have the walker after I get out of the pool! Now my arm is being added to my PT roster and the bad knee is being added back on too. Seems the wonderful insurance company regards the initial therapy on my knee as no longer valid since it was a year ago and I have to do it gain. The doc’s not happy about the way they do it either, but he doesn’t want me to empty my savings account to get the MRI without their blessing. I have to agree. Empty savings account means school is done, and school is NOT done yet!

Insurance pays for 30 therapy sessions per calendar year. This is actually the perfect time for this. I considered the math. 30 sessions at 3 a week is 2 and a half months a year. If we do it their way and attend a month of therapy before they’ll let me get an MRI, if I need surgery, which it won’t surprise me if they say I do, it only leaves a month and a half of recovery therapy. I really do prefer my doctor making my medical decisions because my doctor has a CLUE. The insurance company just has a budget.

I ended up running to the Vet’s office this afternoon with a carrier of meowing Jell-O! When Carla got up from her nap this afternoon she was sneezing, repetitively and frequently sneezing. Remembering her respiratory infection last year, I was concerned. When I talked to David on the phone, he mentioned that she was sneezing like that in the morning when I was at the doctor’s office too. I called the Vet and they had nothing until Thursday, unless I could get her in in a half hour. They had one spot open. I was pleased that I could get her in that quick. Carla wasn’t so pleased.

Her doctor thinks it is either a cold or the very beginning of an infection. See? Waiting until Thursday wouldn’t have been good. She got a shot of antibiotic and we went home. She’s still sneezing, but already not as much.

Okay, I think the Vicodin is kicking in now, so I’m gonna try to get some sleep!


seamhead gypsy said...

Be careful of that vicodin stuff Nani .... Brett Favre got himself "hooked" on that stuff years ago and ended up in the NFL drug rehab program where if he tested positive for having one beer he'd get himself in trouble with the commissioner. This was waaayyyy back when he was still a GREAT QB for the Packers and even lead them to a Super Bowl win. I don't know know what the heck he takes today, but whatever it is I think it makes him make bad decisions, like un-retire three or four too many times.

Anyway ... I hope you feel better real soon. I want you to be able to know who our Christmas postcard will be from when you get it as I didn't put our last name on it...A hearty Go Red Sox to David for me!!!

Edna B said...

I agree, it's not so fun being at the mercy of the insurance company's budget (cuts). I think that the people who set up the insurace budgets and rules should have at least three years of medical schooling.

As for Pier One, I have never been in one of their stores, but I think it's about time for me to have a peek. I hear so many nice things about them.

I hope Carla gets better soon. I really feel bad for the animals when they are sick or don't feel good. They can't tell us what hurts, and they don't know enough to stay in bed and let the body heal.

As for you blogging in the wee hours, I know exactly how it is. My sleep schedule is really wicked, so I am up lots of times during the wee hours playing on my laptop.

Now I think I shall get us a snack, and Tootsie and I will retire. You have a great night, and I wish you speedy healing. Hugs, Edna B.