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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cold Feet!

The photo that starts this blog is two things. First it’s a celebration of being able to lift my foot up to the tabletop in a sitting position. Okay, I didn’t just lift it there, I had to help it up, but that’s my right foot, so the foot below the bad knee and the sore arm, so a lot had to be a little better to make it possible. I don’t NOT hurt yet, but I sure don’t hurt like I did the past few days today! But the main reason for the photo is the sock!

I have a nice collection of festive Christmas socks, like those ones that I’m wearing today. They are fun and while I don’t like shoes at all, I LOVE socks! I buy a lot of my own Christmas socks, but I’ve received some as gifts too. One pair I really love, and although they are a bit worn and have some holes in the heals, I won’t part with, are my “bearing gifts” socks.

Back, way back, 1988, I was working as an accounting clerk at a condominium complex. I jokingly called myself the “File Bear,” since I had started as a file clerk in 87. The joke of the name was that if the construction superintendents didn’t get their invoices and paperwork in to me, I could turn into a grizzly bear, but it was better to keep me a teddy bear. In 88, we had a “Secret Santa” in the office. No one knew who it was until later, but someone was leaving random Holiday gifts for their coworkers, a different person got a gift every day from December first. I was the first one! The small, soft package was left on my chair, no tag. It was a pair of Christmas socks with a polar bear holding a present in his mouth. They said “Bearing Gifts” on them. So perfect! So sweet! Such a mystery!

In a couple of weeks, many gifts came from the mystery Santa and it was a fun buzz in the office, trying to figure out whom they were from. It turned out the boss’ assistant and her husband, one of the superintendents, were the ones to credits for the gifts and the fun they brought.

Today I still have those socks in my drawer, although they get maybe one wearing a year now. But I have a collection of red and green stripes and bears, candy and footies with Christmas trees on the back and a pair with gingerbread men. The problem with socks priced low enough that I have a collection of them is that in order to price them that reasonable, they aren’t thick socks! I usually wear my holiday socks over thicker socks. Today, however, I have just the very festive nylon socks with the starlight mints on them, thus, I have cold feet!

Keep warm, everyone!


Edna B said...

Such a unique idea for a collection, socks! But let's face it, there are some adorable socks out there. Your candy sox look quite tasty. Even though they leave your foot cold, now that the photo has been taken, you can put a pair of fuzzies on over them.

The main thing is that it's good to hear you say that your foot is getting better. Yeah!

I loved your mystery Santa story. What a wonderful idea for keeping employee morale up high.

I'm still at work, so gotta go. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

seamhead gypsy said...

Glad you are feeling a little better Nani! Kathy started wearing her festive Christmas socks last week too! Though I don't think she has as many as you do. And certainly no fun story of a secret Santa for any of 'em.