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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can We Say “Pier UNO?”

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

Okay, it’s more like can we bring the UNO Party to festive glory at Pier 1!

I took a look at their positively magical website in the “Tasting Party” section. Isn’t that what Holiday entertaining is anyway? A taste of this, a taste of that, if I serve the sweets as tastes, I can offer many wonderful flavors without them feeling like I’m forcing huge amounts of food. Of course, I’ll happily offer seconds or thirds on their favorites. I know Tori, my foodie, would go nuts in the store on just checking out the website.

David and I have chuckled at the Pier One commercials with the critical carolers complaining about the décor at the houses where they stop. Now granted, critical caroling won’t earn a lot of holiday cheer in the tip cup, but as I’m looking at the whimsical decorations and holiday gifts, it might not be that bad. The prices are so reasonable!

Ornament Bubble Bath, Glitter Paper Soaps to keep in a purse or pocket and a Vanilla Bath Fizz are just a few great stocking stuffers for under $10! There are so many decor items from ornaments to paper stars and festive candles. It only takes a few décor items to turn your living space into a warm holiday wonderland!

Okay, so for me, I’d love to get any of the tasting party dish sets as a gift…Well, okay and maybe some candles. There are gorgeous pillar candles and tea candle holders! To give, well, not to let out secrets where they might be seen by the receiver, but I mentioned that my foodie, who is an all out party hostess foodie, would love the party dishes, another on my list would probably love to meditate into the calming flame of the pretty holiday candles, or that gold Christmas Tree tea light cover. I can imagine that flickering the filigree shadows on a table. MMM!!

I’ll mention one more thing about Pier 1 Imports. Like all the rest of us, they are on Facebook too! Stop by and “like” them the next time you log on to Facebook. Not only will you get updated with the latest Pier 1 information on your home page, but for every new fan they get, they’ll donate a dollar to Toys for Tots. It’s a company that doesn’t need a lot of encouragement to give back, but you get to be part of it by giving a quick click when you’re enjoying social networking!

So check out Pier 1! A little bit of cash will give your holidays a big amount of class!

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