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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yummy Coffee

Mmm… I made a cup of the English Toffee coffee in my Keurig brewer this morning and used Coffeemate with a teaspoon of the Ron and Franks hot chocolate. Heath Bar coffee, works better than the mocha Splenda does. It’s perfect.

Today is day two of my recovery and turkey soup take 2. I had planned to make soup with the beautiful turkey carcass Pop sent home with me after dinner on Saturday yesterday, but fate didn’t want that to happen. Sunday night, around ten, I was putting that turkey carcass in the stock pot to put in the fridge to use the next day. When I grabbed the stock pot, which had no water, just turkey, so it wasn’t heavy, I lost my balance. The stock pot went one way, dumping half the carcass, and I went the other, crashing into the wall and banging up my right arm pretty well. After determining that nothing was broken, I started cleaning up the mess on the floor, making the best of already being ON the floor. My arm was sore, really sore. David helped with the clean-up and made sure I got up onto a chair. He pout the stock pot, now with half a turkey in the fridge.

As the adrenaline calmed down, I realized that my right arm was in a lot of pain. Around 11PM, we went for a ride to the ER to make sure nothing was broken and that nothing was mangled. That ended up being a nice 3-hour stay. I came home with an official “nothing broken” and 2 bottles of pills, super charged ibuprofen and Vicodin. They’re both “as needed, 4 times a day and I can take them together. I took one of each when I got home, but still hurt. It did dull the pain enough that once David helped me with the blankets that were too heavy for me to pull over myself without a lot of pain, I got comfortable and fell asleep, until 10:00 yesterday morning!

The pain was greatly reduced by yesterday afternoon and today, it still hurts, but it’s better. Right now, I’m just on Ibuprofen and there is a little cramping pain just above my elbow if I lean on my right arm or if I stretch it up over my head. I exercise those just a little every couple hours to keep it loosened up.

This amounts to blaming my bad knee! That’s what makes my back hurt and throws off my balance. I’ll be getting an MRI in the next few weeks and have signed up for all online classes next semester so I can accommodate anything the doctors feel is necessary to fix my knee!

I did get to enjoy Cyber Monday yesterday! I have everyone done except one gift for Tori and David’s main gift. Of course, I still have some baking shopping to do, but that is in a couple weeks.

The semester is done and I am in Holiday mode until January, with the exception of my physical therapy, now made more fun by my arm, and getting to business on whatever will fix my knee and the subsequent problems it’s causing. Our Christmas cards are ready, so a trip to the post office for a ton of stamps and the industrious addressing starts now. I have a huge stack of addresses. I was trying to get everything in a database this year so we might even do address labels.

Well I found an address book program I really liked and started adding in the addresses from my stack of sheets and envelopes. I had a decent chunk of them done too, but on one of the weekly updates from Windows, something happened to the database file. I went to add some more and the file was gone! I mean the whole program was zapped, I had to re-register it to use it at all. It was back to like I was using the trail model, not the one I purchased. It was all gone! Disheartened, I didn’t start over and I still have my huge stack of addresses. Maybe next year? I know some tricks for backing up and saving the database now and I won’t install any updates until the essential files are backed up now.

So that’s added to my 2011 goals. Continue to lose weight, get my knee fixed, Finish the 2008 scrapbooks while keeping up 2011 (2010 done by the end of January) and Get the Christmas Card address list in one place and organized. I’ll add to that list as things come to me.

This afternoon will be turkey soup time, albeit a smaller pot of it and tonight David has already been warned, I will watch Rudolph this year! I missed it last year. Well, the pain is starting to bug a little in the arm again and I’m an hour away from time for another super-changed ibuprofen. I’m going to seek some calm from the Christmas music station and a cup of hot tea until then.

Everyone have a great day!

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Edna B said...

This is my third attempt to leave you a comment, and if my doorbell or my phone rings again, I think I'll take a rubber mallet to them!!!

Nani, I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Oh my goodness, I know how rough it can be when your legs have control over whether or not you fall.

I do hope your arm heals quickly without very much pain. For all you went through, I hope your soup comes out really good.

Tonight, Tootsie and I am watching "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town." We're still kids at heart. You have a great evening and take care of yourself. No more falls, please. Hugs, Edna B.