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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Think Pink Until There’s a Cure

October was “Breast Cancer Awareness” month and the disease was in the forefront of many minds thanks to many organizations. Even Major League Baseball in the month of the playoffs brought it to our minds. Yankees announcer, Suzyn Waldman, was the first woman to ever call a World Series. She is also a breast cancer survivor. It’s a disease that touches everyone. I’m sure we all know someone who has battled this disease. I worked with a woman going through chemo for it and my Noni lost a breast after surviving breast cancer.

Cyro-Cell International has been doing some wonderful work with stem cells. We’re not talking controversial stem cell work, but stem cells from saved umbilical cords after birth and stem cells from menstrual blood. In fact menses have been fond to be a rich source of stem cells.

In October, during Breast Cancer Awareness month, Cyro-Cell Breast Cancer Donation contributes $50 for each “Protect Baby, Protect Mom” purchase to the Susan B. Komen Foundation and an additional $25 was amount of C'Elle Breast Cancer Donation for every purchase of the menstrual stem cell service.

Don’t let this disease that challenges or takes lives of so many be forgotten just because the month of awareness is over! You can become part of the resources that allow Cyro-Cell to continue their great work with non-controversial stem-cell research and keep them working to protect us and the women we love from this terrible form of cancer.


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