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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I think I’m finally getting a grip on things! I’m working on a filing system to get our bills and Grandma’s bills in and separated. I need to finish putting that together and start getting my school work area cleaned up. I’ll have the last chapter done by the end of tomorrow and then there is one more test, a term project and the final exam. Next semester I’m taking the class that is the prerequisite for a number of the classes for the security certificate and I’ve emailed my adviser for some internship leads for 2010.

I’ve downloaded a copy of Vista Pro and I think I’m going to install it after the class is done. I don’t want all new stuff and maybe install trouble to deal with while class is still in session, but the virtual Windows Server work with every version of Vista Home Premium, which is the one I have! Microsoft has a great program to supply free software to enrolled college students.Uncle Bill!*

*I won’t be so warm and fuzzy about Bill Gates if upgrading to Pro gives me an ulcer!

A New Award!

BoldEdna, from Miss Edna’s Place, selected me for an award on her blog!

As a recipient of the Honest Scrap award, I must reveal ten random things about me!
1. While my views are most similar to Unitarian Christian, I’m not religious. I am, however, a VERY spiritual Christian.

2. David can bring home anything I don’t like for dinner as long as he brings me roasted red pepper hummus and pita chips.

3. I always get stressed at this time of year because I have to have the house ready to entertain and we are usually very laid back about housekeeping.

4. Although I hate cleaning, I LOVE entertaining and I love Christmas, so in the end, it’s worth the stress.

5. I’m loving school and what I’m learning, especially the network security and that’s the direction I ultimately want to go.

6. I quit wearing the costume jewelry rings I used to wear all the time after I got married because my wedding ring makes them look cheap and gaudy.

7. I hate competition. Oh, professional sports is okay, because it’s really only the athletes winning or losing and they get paid so much when they lose, that it’s really not losing, but I hate personally competing. I’m either good enough at what I do, or I’m not. I don’t like being better or worse than someone else.

8. I still like being recognized for my achievements.

9. I don’t like to drive. The Camaro is what makes it bearable.

10. My stats tell me people visit my blog, but I always hope there are comments to moderate when I log on and I'm a little disappointed when there's not!

Scrapping Burn Out?

Remember when I was lamenting all the places I post scrap layouts online going to the points systems and how that made me unhappy and really, uninspired? Well, I started doing a little surfing.

The challenges at my regular sites haven’t inspired me much and when there isn’t a posting bonus to want or even to be inspired by, it’s difficult to want to do a challenge layout. Yeah, I know, I get points and twenty if those points will get me a dollar off at the store and 5 of those additional four dollars I spend to get a kit will pay for my parking at school for a semester! Maybe the points challenges will be more inspiring after I finish school when I have a paycheck instead of a tuition bill.

So, in looking for something more inspiring, I joined Designs in Digital. For their regular challenges, they have points too, but for the special challenges, they have regular posting bonuses. I participated in my first speed scrap this week. That as a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Wednesday night!

Credits: Chocolate and Vanilla by Mamrotka

I completed this layout for my Patch 365 book while enjoying some chat. Then yesterday, I got a PM for a free set of journaling elements. I LOVE to journal on my pages! That’s one of the things I like about digital over paper scrapping. My handwriting isn’t great and often illegible!

DID does the speed scrap every Wednesday and I think I’m going to definitely try to hang out there on Wednesdays!

I also revisited a place that I joined solely to do a challenge because for the posting bonus a few years back. DSO was digital scrapbooking .org at that time, and Darlene Haughin was a designer there. I considered that a major bonus! I was disappointed when server troubles caused the entire gallery to be wiped out a while do3wn the road and we were encouraged to sign up again and start over. I did because I was on a designer at the store’s CT by that time, although I wasn’t happy about starting over. While we were encouraged to rejoin, no one ever apologized for the gallery being wiped out. That left me feeling a bit forgotten. When it happened again, none of “my” designers were selling there anymore, so I didn’t rejoin, even though I really admired many of the store designers.

Fast forward to Wednesday after the speed scrap. I was reading Kim, of Kim’s Scrapin’s, blog and she was taking about the color challenge at DSO. I thought maybe I’d have another look at them and, just like the first time I saw the site, there was a posting bonus that just caught me. It’s a beautiful mini kit for the lyric challenge and upon seeing it, I signed up! That’s the layout I started working on yesterday that I hope to finish tonight.

So, my exploring has uncovered the fun, and really great tool for catching up, that speed scrapping is and that DSO, which is Digi Scrap Obsession now, still has great PBs for their challenges! I’m not feeling so uninspired now! I’m glad that didn’t last long!

Digitalegacies Designs Kits

I’m not professionally designing anymore, well, yes I am, just in a more retired mode!

Digitalegacies Designs is one of the designers at a new site, Discount Digi Scraps! I’m not creating anything new. DDS is a store for retired products at deep discount prices!

So far I have a few things in my store there. I’ve resurrected Train, Train and I’m All In. You can get these for free once again! I’ve also begun to repackage and upload my store items from Scrap Bird into the DDS store. Eight Days a Week and It’s Christmas All Over The World are there.

You can get the full Christmas kit for $1.50 or just the ornaments in 8 different languages for $1.00. The popular Eight Days A Week Project 365 quick pages are all four for only $1.00. There are other great designers and the store is always growing, but the prices are shrinking! Be sure to check it out!

Cat Call

Things are starting to get a little more peaceful in eh cat world. Carla is not the one being aggressive now. She’s trying to get close for a sniff. Sometimes it’s greeted with a hiss or a growl, but they are all being more tolerant. It’s just taking some time and it will take some more time for it to be all good, but we’re working on it.

We took Carla in for her vet appointment today. She needed to be checked out, but she also has a case of the sniffles. We’d been calling her Sneezy because she would have little sneezing tizzies, but then she developed congested breathing and she even snored. She started having a teary discharge from both eyes too and yesterday morning, so I called to see if I could get her appointment moved up. We took her in this morning at 8 AM.

She has antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection and antihistamines for the runny eyes and sneezing. I have soft treat pill pockets, but she wouldn’t eat them, so I had to go torturous old school on her and put them in her throat. Got the antibiotic down, but I got a scratch on my hand for the antihistamine, which I thought was down her, but she promptly spit out before she ran upstairs. After I got back from the grocery store, I sat with her and got the treat encased antihistamine down her.

Things are starting to get more peaceful. I was on the phone and couldn’t get a shot, but for about a good fifteen minutes today, we had three cats, all on different cat seats, but all watching the big screen Cat TV in the front of the house today. It’s moving along!

Now I’m off to play Donna Reed and have dinner ready for hubby. We’re having marinated chicken, julienne potatoes and broccoli. Off to cook!

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Edna B said...

Good Morning! It's good to hear that the cats are finally agreeing to get along better.

Sorry to hear about your point loss. I keep a link to your blog always on my blog. Not for points, but because it's an enjoyable blog to read.

As for Tacos, I had a similarly bad experience with Staples recently, and I think they only decided to help me out to shut me up so customers would not leave.
Some big companies seem to forget that it's customers like us that keep them in business.

Good luck at the new shop. I'll be sure to check it out. You have a great day now, hugs, Edna B.