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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carla Take 2?

Unfortunately, this is NOT our Carla!

What’s in a name? Well, in the case of pet names, it seems a lot.

Sassy has been more and more sassy since getting here. She’s been with us three nights. She won’t be here a fourth night.

This is not the first time we’ve introduced a new cat to our family. Kaline was the new kid in town at first. There was about a week of acclimation when Kaline and Azzie met Chester and Baggle. There was growling and hissing and generally avoiding each other. But eventually they got used to each other and I can show you pictures of all four of them together, sharing treats at dinner and any combination of them sharing body heat for a cozy nap. This isn’t going to happen with these three.

Sassy is so sweet and she was when she was selling herself to us too! She didn’t show any aggressiveness to other cats at the shelter and even today, she is very affectionate to David and me. But she’s a terror to Kaline and Baggle!

The first day wasn’t so bad, some growling and hissing, normal cat trash talk to establish the order of things and get accustomed to each other. But then as Sassy got more comfortable, she got more aggressive. Oh, she was so sweet to the humans in the house, but she was like a thug version of Eddie Haskell. Kaline and Baggle would watch her with their guard on. Nothing wrong with that, it’s still a new situation and the normal cat intimidation was going on to establish the alpha roles. By yesterday, a stare was met with Sassy attacking!

I’ve discovered that chasing cats up and down the stairs to keep them from fighting is NOT good exercise for an arthritic knee. I’m in some serious pain this morning with time sensitive errands I must do today! That’s gonna be fun! I also discovered that cats seriously chasing and fighting is not conducive to getting any homework done.

The call to make a decison was this morning. We were awakened to the sounds of rumbling up the stairs with hissing and screeching at about 5:30. Kaline’s voice was definitely part of that and they went into the office and the noise stopped. Then at about 6:30, there was more hissing and growling. Sassy had Baggle cornered in our bedroom and he retreated under the bed with her on his heels. David broke it up and she hopped on the bed purring and cuddling like nothing had happened. At the 7AM alarm, Baggle was still under the bed, uninterested in coming out and Kaline was under the plushy chair in the office, also uninterested in coming out. David said that as sweet as she is to us, Sassy has talked herself out of a home. I agreed with similar sadness, but Kaline and Baggle come first when we are talking about a new cat.

There were differing opinions at Paws and Whiskers about how Sassy was with other cats and then we met her, she seemed to interact well with the other cats there, but she was really concentrating on us. Maybe that’s why she didn’t seem mean to the other cats there. She wasn’t interacting with them! So, today, after I get back from my errands, I’m coming home to call the shelter. When Sassy comes out of the room she stays in when no humans are home, she’ll go back in the carrier to return to Paws.

David and I decided that we’ll see if Shannon works as our Carla. I’m going to put her on reserve, that is pay for her adoption, but not take her home right away. We want to give the kids a break before we bring another new cat home. We’ve read nothing and heard nothing about Shannon having any issues with other cats from anyone. She did have some issues with Carl when we met her, but most of the cats had issues with Carl.

It’s still sad to take Sassy back. She is very sweet with people with a voice like a kitten and she plays with anything like a young adult cat. Unfortunately, she is a very bad little sister! So now, I’m saying if you live in this area DON’T adopt Shannon!! But if you might be thinking about a cat and only want one cat, Sassy is very affectionate and sweet, but she needs a one-cat home!

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