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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Help!! I Need Link Swaps!

Hello friends! I’m in a bit of a bind! One of the consequences of closing my designing doors is that I’m no longer listed in blogs as a Scrap Bird designer. As a result, my Google rank dropped back to a 2! I need more link swaps!

If you’re not familiar with Goggle’s ranking system, it’s a combination of facts, the biggie being links to your blog. I know I was barely a 3 before, so I must be barely a 2 again now. Where this hits me hardest is that the sponsored posts available to me have gone down and right before the holidays is an awful time for that to happen!

I try to always choose sponsors that are relevant to the content at The Chronicles of Nani, paying close attention to the ideas behind the products or services and that they are things that might be useful to check out for all of you, my readers. In return, I can afford coffee and even scrapbook materials and just last week, I entered that charity poker tournament that my sponsored post earnings paid for!

What I’m asking is, if The Chronicles of Nani is not already a link or blinkie on your blog, would you consider adding me? In return, a link or blinkie to your blog will be added to my friends links on the side bar. I would really, really appreciate the help!

You can contact me about the link swap through the comments here (I moderate, so no comment is published if you add personal information or an email address!) or my emailing me at chroniclesofnani@gmail.com.

Thanks so much for helping this modest student out!

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