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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Cat Mews!

Yeah, that pun never gets old to my silly self! But there is wonderful news in the cat world!

First, two nights ago, Kaline came in and jumped up on my hip in bed at about 4 AM and purred as she settled in. This is all very normal for her. That would be worth celebrating as is, since she hadn’t come to bed like she usually does since Carla moved in. But what made it even more celebration worthy for David and me, is that Carla was not just still here, but she was in bed with us and Kaline knew she was there. She kept her eyes on Carla, but it didn’t stop the purr. Now, I don’t expect to see Carla included in their “cat pit” in the next day or two, but peace is coming and they are staring to tolerate each other. YAY!

Kaline and Baggle are curled up in the living room right now and Carla is probably upstairs asleep, but for now, that’s okay while Carla is still nursing that kitty-cold.

Shannon will be HOME for Thanksgiving!

I talked to a volunteer from Paws and Whiskers for a while last night, yeah, get cat lovers talking about cats, I know. But what’s great news is WHY she called me. Shannon, the cat David and I sponsored when we adopted Carla, was adopted! Remember, it was down to deciding between Sassy, who became our Carla, and Shannon. Since black and black & white kitties were on special for only $40 in October, we put the other $30 we planned to spend on the adoption on Shannon in hopes that it might help her stand up to the competition of the cute kittens who’d undoubtedly be able to find homes easier than a 3-year-old. We so would have taken them both if we could have only had the time to bring two more cats in and give all four the attention and quality time they need. We know that three is our limit and I am so happy that Shannon will have a loving home to be thankful for next Thursday and her new family will be able to add her to the things that make their lives full! Buy her a can of turkey cat food, okay?

Paws and Whiskers
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