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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday Mug Shot

Yeah, another Monday Mug Shot on Tuesday. Yesterday was a busy day! I took the exam for the last three classes in my Microsoft Server 1 class. I got 94% and my current class average is an A! There are still several case studies that I haven’t gotten my grades back on yet and one more set of case studies and the term project to do yet, so that’s not saying I got an A yet, but I’m doing well. I’m not putting the pressure on myself of needing to get an A, realistically, this is an area where getting official certification is far more important than the letter grades in school. I need to get the knowledge so I can excel where it’s really important. Still when I told my Dad that I got 94 on the test, he said, with a chuckle, “You’re slipping.” Yeesh!

We’re stating to get some peace on the kitty front. Kaline even slept on my hip again for a little the night before last, but not last night. I’m okay with that right now because Carla has a respiratory infect ion that we’re treating her for and I don’t mind the cats not wanting to be close to each other right now. When she’s feeling better and isn’t contagious I’ll want them to be closer again. Bt, they are civil to each other and right now the stress of giving Carla pills twice a day is enough for us!

Here’s this week’s mug!

Phantom of the Opera

The coolest thing about this mug is the mask! On the other side of the mug is a grey Phantom mask that fades into the black cup, but it turns white when there is warm liquid in the cup. Yeah, that’s a Nani-weirdism, I know, but when I did the photographing yesterday I made a cup of coffee in my Keurig coffee maker and photographed it as it filled. The mask got gradually whiter as the cup filled. It was very cool!

While I enjoy going to the theater, I don’t that often. It’s kinda pricey and I guess I’m picky. I saw Cats when I was 20 and didn’t like it. The tickets were a Christmas gift and that made it even worse because I wanted to really like it! I did enjoy the evening out with Mom, Dave and his girlfriend though! I’ve seen Phantom three times and loved it every time! The most recent time was n Detroit, with my Dad and Aunt Judy, before that was in Toronto at the Pantages Theatre with Mom and Dad, and the first time was in Chicago, with Jeff T. That’s when I bought this mug.

Jeff bought my ticket for my 24th birthday and it was the day before my birthday that we saw the show. It was fantastic! I have enjoyed seeing how different productions did the falling chandelier n the play, but the first time, I wasn’t expecting it and it really felt like a giant chandelier was falling on the audience! Yes, the production was fabulous, the singing and acting superb, but the strongest memory in my brain is the falling chandelier and how I was in a split second sure something had gone wrong and it was really falling on us!

After the show we went back to Naperville, where we were stating with Jeff’s parents. There was much talk about the show! It successfully wiped out the unimpressed memories from Cats and brought me back to being okay with going to the the4ater for shows that weren’t Shakespeare. I guess Jeff saved me from becoming a life-long snob, huh?

The next day, my birthday, was the day we flew home. We were flying Southwest out of Midway to go back to Detroit. In all of my then 24 years, I had never seen rain on my birthday. This year was the first!

Just before our plane was due in, the sky just opened up and drowned the airport! Our plane circled around a bit, and then went on to Detroit having never stopped in Chicago! The announcement came that our flight couldn’t land in the rain and we should report to the ticket counter at our gate to be put on a later flight. So, it wasn’t just the first time I saw rain n y birthday, but it was trip-delaying rain at that!

It was going to be three hours or so before we’d be on a Detroit-bound plane. We did what any 24 and almost 25 year-old would do in a situation like this. We sought out the beer man! When we went back down to the beer cart for a third time, the beer man was already opening out beers! If I was getting a third beer now, I’d be staggering to the cart!

When our plane, our new plane, got there, I called Mom. Jeff’s parents shuttled us in Chicago and mine shuttled us in Detroit. What was supposed to be an afternoon trip home, ended up being watching the sun set as the plane was taking off, but it was a fun weekend with a good friend, seeing a great show! It was an awesome rainy birthday!


seamhead gypsy said...

The Phantom of the Opera was something really special for me. I started "dating" my wife in late August. Sometime during the fall we saw that the Phantom was coming to a local theater. She really wanted to go, so I bought 2 tickets. Only problem was this was October or November and the show wasn't until April! Who knew if we would even still be together. I gave her both tickets and crossed my fingers.

April comes along and we go to the show together.

And we're still together today!

Nani said...

:D I LOVE the fact that telling about memories for me can give a memory and a smile for my readers!! I'm glad it did that for you, Cuz!!