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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Awards and Tags and such...

Please note that there will not be a Monday Mug Shot this coming week,
due to the Labor Day holiday. Mug Shot will return September 8!

This week was one of both frustration and the warm fuzzies!

Everyone who reads on a regular basis knows about the freebie frustration from earlier in the week. I’ve got that resolved. I decided to join the designer competition at SAS. Won’t you please stop by when I have freebies up during the competition and consider voting for me? I say consider it because there will be lots of designers and only 3 will join the ranks. At last count it was 40 designers who have joined. Download my kits, play with them, do a layout. Then ask yourself if you’d consider buying this kit or suggesting it to someone else if it was in a store rather than a freebie. If the answer is “no,” don’t vote for me because I’m not ready. If you honestly think my work is of the quality of other kits and scrapbooking items you’ve bought, I appreciate your support through a vote.

Please remember, the freebies will always be here if I “go pro” or not. As an out of work bum I understand the need to have good freebies available and I appreciate the quality ones I download. A digital camera, a computer and good freebies means you can always scrap your memories and print them when your financial situation is better. I won’t forget those whose generosity has kept my sanity through a miserable job hunt. That’s the same for when do find that placement that has been working so hard to evade me.

So that piece of frustration transformed to warm and fuzzy.

Also this week, Edna from Miss Edna’s Place, tagged me! It’s the 7 randoms facts tag that goes around. The coolest thing about this game is random facts can always be new. I mean random, we all have more that seven “things about me.”

Make a point of stopping at Miss Edna’s Place for fun anecdotes and wonderful scrapbooking! She has some great pages on display and dynamite freebies. I just finished collecting the pieces of her RazzM’Tazz kit, just a wonderful kit. Now she has started to release her newest free kit, Cactus Sunset, rich southwestern sunset colors, great for fall layouts too!

Okay here are my last seven random Nanicentricities of Summer 2008
1. My car’s name is Jonathan. Every car I’ve had or will have is a ne inCARnation of Jonathan.
2. I’ve never had a home computer that wasn’t a Mac. (But I’ve used Macs, Windows and Amiga at work. <-- marketable="" skill="" span="">
3. As far as movies go, I am totally pop-culture illiterate.
4. My musical taste makes up for latest-release-movie-free lifestyle because I like many types of current music.
5. Random guilty confession - I’m a teen show addict. You might know about my Degrassi addiction, but I got hooked on the HOUR long Queen Bees right after Degrassi. I was up to an hour and a half of guaranteed TV very week! (The computer is my vice, so that’s a lot of television for me to watch) The final episode of QB was last night (YAY Gisbelle!) so now it’s officially the TV “off-season” until October!
6. As poor as my typing seems here, I score well on typing tests. Professionally, I’ve typed training manuals and live graphics for TV.
7. A lot of old family recipes are just lists of ingredients with no amounts, so I had to play with them to figure out how much of things to add. Now I create my own recipes the same way. I have to make them again to figure out how much of stuff I used to write down the amounts!

I’ve also had my blog award that Livia granted me a while back re-upped! Diane, Carjaziscraps, is another Ohiogander. She's farther south in Ohio than I am, but our Michigan roots are only a few miles apart.

Carjaziscraps just opened up a store at Digital Scrap Garden . Her newest paper pack is called Mediterranean Terrace and it’ stellar! I end up doing the papers last when I design. I’ve been trying to put more work into making them interesting, but she’s got that mastered! You have to check out her store!!

Now, I am to name seven people to do the seven randoms and seven who will win this award from me. I usually wimp out on this and award it to everyone that wants it. But then I never see anyone take me up on the seven things or feel bold enough to display the award without it specifically being given. So, here’s what I’ll do this time.

I’m going to give 7 people the ability to earn the award by listing 7 random things. You can post the award as son as you post the seven things. Then, if you’d like, you may send the award/request for seven things on to seven more bloggers.

my seven:

No Reimer Reason -
The home of just FANTASTIC templates and lots of great freebies. If you want to design a page that looks great, is totally you in the papers and embellishments but you want to do it quickly, go to No Reimer Reason! Excellently laid out multi-photo templates with quick download time.

RC Mama -
Where it all started for me in Digital Scrapbooking being more than an occasional thing to go with my paper scrapping. Sherrie was the first designer to invite me to be on her Creative Team. I was attracted to her wonderful freebies in her preprofessional days and helped with the promotion that eventually brought her to exclusive designer status at DSO!

Beth Nixon -
Great freebies here, but also wonderful real-life philosophy! Beth shares some wonderful stories abut the day-to-day real world of a Mom of 2. She has just a wonderful outlook on life. “Choose Happy!”

Darlene Haughin -
The other designer that I full-time CT for. Her kits and templates are great and I use them often, even for the personal stuff I don’t post! There’s a new freebie every Wednesday and she shares a few pieces of her great life with her husband, 4 almost adult to adult sons and her furbaby, Coda!

Lorri’s Scraps and More
Lorri was born in england and moved to Italy when she was a teenager. Her three kids share names with members of my Italian family, so there is a neat attraction to her blog there, but I love her templates! I’m working on that heritage project that I want to have completed before the end of the year, so sources for great templates are beyond value to me in reaching that goal and hers are creative and well-designed for maximum ease of use!

Bubble’s Babbles
Vicki is the queen of the quick page, including one she did with my “A Perfect Summer Day.” She has great anecdotes on her blog and all the fire I often wish I had with the talent to back it up!

The Maltese Scrapper
Bonnie is a singer,music teacher, has a cookbook ut and still she produces some great scrapbooking stuff! I love the elements she includes, especially the “real-life” items, like shelves! You have got to checkout her collection of “window” quick pages and her latest rodeo theme.

Okay, that’s all for now! Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend, Labor Day weekend here in the states and the unofficial end of summer. Drink it up while you can!


Mitsybelle said...

Did you get the Award I sent you yesterday???

Come on over and see http://mitsybelle.blogspot.com/

Lorri said...

Hi Nani Thank yuou so much for the award.
And Thank you so much for your sweet kind words.
Ve a wonderful sunday hugs Lorri:)

Nani said...

Yes, more award announcements coming after the holiday weekend!! :) (Thank you Mitsybelle!)