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Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday By Request

Okay folks, Ya gotta help me here! I didn’t have an FBR last week. That’s okay, like I’ve said before, if I don’t have a request for Friday, I don’t do one. But then I mentioned that I didn’t have a request for this Friday at home and David decided that meant he had to come up with SOMETHING.

Now remember, I’ll do any request! Of course, it has to be suitable for all ages and something that can actually be done or displayed on a blog. David has a sense of humor warped in a similar way to my own and he takes the idea of challenge very seriously!

What started as an observation when he came upstairs, “I see a Kaline head and a Baggle tail,” turned into this week’s request. David wants to see what Kaline would look like with Baggle’s head and vice versa. Sort of like if they weren’t both fixed, what their kittens might look like? I just call it...

For David



I just loved Baggle looking at Bagline while this one was under construction. It made me laugh and I wanted to share the full view!

Hope you enjoyed this little request into the bizarre! For next week, send me a new request! As you can see, I’ll accept just about any crazy challenge!

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txbubbles said...

Too funny!!!
Have a great weekend!
Vicki in Texas