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Friday, August 22, 2008

Lunchie Thoughts


All kinds of things going on my little brain this midday. Yes, midday, I eat breakfast either with David at about 9:30ish or after he leaves for work, about 10:00, so I usually do lunch about 2:30.

First off, last week was a very good week in job desolation world, but I worry maybe all the places I found to send resumes, posted jobs and phone calls that at least yielded information may have been a mirage in the job hunt desert! It’s just that this week wasn’t as fruitful.

I called on a posted Toledo job this morning, listed as local job, but with an 866 number and a second one with a Toronto area code. Huh? Well I called the toll free number and got voice mail...with no actual outgoing message. I left a number and the purpose of my call, but I am skeptical about how legit this posting is. I couldn't find a corporate website or even any firm information about the company. I’m afraid it may be not be a legitimate company. I regard those people that post “jobs” to lure despondent unemployed folks or the ones that bait and switch, tempting with a decent job to offer a low wage job, to be bottom feeders, the lowest life forms on the planet. GRR!

It was good to get a break from that frustration! I had parmesan noodles that I made with leftover egg noodles form dinner last night and the last of the hummus I made for lunch. YUM! It’s been a nice week with tabouleh, hummus and pita in the house! Lunch has been awesome, if a little redundant, all week!

I got back to the desk and read up on a few blogs. I came across a fun one, by way of reading Sherrie’s Stuff. She links to Friday Fill-Ins, which I usually read,but this week I think I’ll play!

Friday Fill-In

1. Dancing to the sounds of Frank Sinatra while in the kitchen cooking dinner makes me happy.

2. The last time I went upstairs in the dark I nearly stepped on Baggle! (He’s TOO trusting!).

3. When I drive I make David nervous.

4. I saw a chipmunk standing on the porch.

5. Give me a job, give me security, give me a chance to survive. (Thanks Styx!)

6. Next week I am looking forward to getting a call returned, setting up an interview and being offered a job.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching the new episode of Queen Bees. Tomorrow my plans include going with David to pick peaches with Dad and Aunt Judy in Erie Michigan and Sunday, I want to make a peach crisp with the fresh peaches and get some serious scrapbooking time!

Check out the Friday Fill-Ins every week. It’s a fun blog filler that does NOT ask you about your salad dressing preference. Gotta love it for that alone!

Imagine, seeing Dad and Aunt Judy TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW! It will be a cool weekend that will most assuredly pump me up for a better work-week...Maybe even a week to get back to work!


mamasmurf said...

I guess you're looking for a job, eh? Hope your wishes/dreams come true in that area of your life!
Enjoy your weekend!

Janet said...

lol but I did ask what lewd thoughts y'all had this week and OMG it's like the end of the world! Sorry it took me so long to visit, I was away last weekend :-) Thanks for playing!