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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Credits: Kit - Birthday by Digitalegacies, Font - Hawaiian Punk

Alexis Kaline is 3 years old today!

Today is the day we acknowledge our feral Baby’s birthday. Of course, since she was born in the wild truck-stop jungle we have no way of knowing exactly when she was born, but based on her vet’s estimate of her age, 4-6 weeks, when we brought her in the day after we found her, we decided to average out the difference and back counted the days to August 12, today, for her official birthday!

I did a layout for her, just like I did when Baggle turned 12. This one was done with my Birthday kit, which you can still download for free. (look for the July 29 entry) Kaline also has a brief blog entry today about her birthday. You can check that out at Behind Orange Eyes.

Happy, happy birthday, Kaline Baby!

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