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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What’s Cookin’?

Bountiful U-pick harvest

I love U-Pick places and farmers markets! All of the wonderful fresh fruits and veggies, YUM!! Between the farmers market gift Dad brought me a couple weeks ago and the peaches, tomatoes and plums from last Saturday, it’s been a harvest time of GOOOOOOD EATS! I’ve been enjoying fresh foods and wonderful recipes for two weeks!

Today was the day of peach cooking! I made a Shortbread Peach Crisp at lunchtime and there are peaches in the slow cooker making what David calls “peachle suace.” (I just call it peach sauce, same as applesauce but with peaches!)

I have a file on my extended hard drive for a someday cookbook. It’s 12x12 scrapbook recipe pages, old family favorites and Nani-written ones. Today, I’d like to share some of those pages and recipes! By all means, feel free to snag the layouts to get the recipes. If you’d like the pages in 300 dpi for printing, just drop me a line at chroniclesofnani@gmail.com and I’d be glad to share!

Baked Green Tomatoes

Kit: Fried Green Tomatoes by Kim’s Scrappin’, font: j.d.

These are a wonderful lower fat alternative to the classic fried recipe! Kelly stayed with us for a couple of weeks after my Mom died. For dinner one night she pitched in to the dinner prep by making Fried Green Tomatoes in the true Missouri fashion. Now, I’d had fried green tomatoes a few times and liked them a lot, but hadn’t seen them made.

Kelly sliced the tomatoes and egged and floured them. Next she asked for cooking oil. I got the bottle out of the cupboard, there was about a cup left. She asked, “Do you have more?”

“WHAT???” I asked with my eyes bulging.

Pop and Grandma just laughed. It wasn’t odd to them that it would take a half bottle of oil to cook the tomatoes. It also wasn’t odd to them that I’d react that way.

Kelly’s fried green tomatoes were wonderful! I also knew, there was no way I’d cook them that way! So, I set about finding a way to recreate that classic Southern taste without all the oil! After trying a few different ingredient combinations, I came up with this one that I was very pleased with!

Zucchini Pancakes

Credits: Papers - From The East by Lelanie, Template by Designs by CMR

This is the newest recipe from the Nani Kitchens! Dad’s gift from the farmer’s market in Hartland included 8 zucchini! I personally love zucchini enough to eat them every day. Zucchini and green beans are the two veggies in my world that can NEVER get old! David likes them, but not with the same passion I do. We had pan-fried zucchini coins and Italian steamed zucchini and I had zucchini at lunch a couple times, then I had an idea one morning when I was feeling creative in the kitchen for breakfast.

Zucchini pancakes are like a cross between potato pancakes and a breakfast soufflé. They were SO good! Good enough that I knew I needed to write down how I made them and make them again so I could get pictures for a recipe page. Not that I minded eating them again at all!

Shortbread Peach Crisp

Papers - Pride by Doreen Stolz, Brackity template by Beth Long

The last recipe page I’m sharing is that Peach Crisp I made.

This is a wonderful recipe! I adjusted an apple crisp recipe to make this one and its one of those things that I have in mind when I pick peaches! The crust is a wonderful butter shortbread and it goes great with ice cream! I prefer either Dulce de Leche or Butter Pecan, But I guess it would be okay with vanilla too!


carjazi said...

Ohhhh, all that fresh fruit and veggies look wonderful. My favorite little roadside stand didn't open this year and I've been very bummed. Great recipes too! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend. Stop by my blog today, there's a little something there for you. :)

David said...

It's been long enough that we've known each other that I forgot I was the person who coined "peachle sauce."

Nani said...

It's true! I'd never known a "peachle" before David!

Edna B said...

Oh Lordy! Now you done it! I have to have a peach. Tootsie loves them too.

Great recipes. Wait till my daughter sees them.
Hugs, Edna B.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I love how you have used the Fried Green Tomatoes kit, great story along with it :) . I will have to give this a try, as we love Fried green Tomatoes and your way sounds much healthier :) I'd love to post your LO on my blog if you would give me your permission?