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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photoblog Wednesday

Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

"Can ya see it, Baggle?"
"I can see it, Kaline!"
"Can ya feel it, Baggle?"
"I can feel it, Kaline!"
"Can ya smell it, Baggle?"
"I can smell it, Kaline!"
"Can ya taste it, Baggle?"
"Hey! Now you're just teasing me!"
"But it's SPRING!"
"Yeah, it is SPRING! Let's go see if we can con Mom into treats to celebrate!"

(This open window brought to the cats by a high of 72ยบ!)
Photo Credit - DSP


seamhead gypsy said...

got pretty nice down here in west central ohio on monday & tuesday, even turned the heat off and opened some windows! today was a little bit cooler, but not enough to go back to wearing the long pants. on monday i traded my jeans in for a pair of wrangler shorts. the last time they were worn was november 17th! how do i know that it was the 17th? because i found a receipt from kroger in the pocket!!

summer is almost here! right?

Wendy said...

Good conversation overheard between the kiddos. They always know what is happenin' don't they?