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Saturday, April 26, 2008

It’s Been Almost Seven Days Already??

My how a week passes when you’re involved in a project, huh?

Okay, truth is that the involved part of In Only Seven Days was done before the first part was released. One thing I did NOT want to happen was to release little parts at a time while the kit was unfinished and then have something come up so I couldn’t finish a part for a day or to end up with more than seven days worth. I’m job seeking right now, but my marketing brain is VERY functional! My scrap kits and Friday By Request keep me disciplined in creating, promoting and meeting deadlines with what I hope is quality work. It doesn’t matter what type of business I end up in, those disciplines make me a more valuable employee to any company, so it’s a good thing to keep the skills sharp! Creativity, promotion and deadlines are also the parts of every job I’ve had in the past 26 years that I’ve really loved. Let me use my creativity, let me shout from the rooftops how great our company and products are and give my energizing projects with absolute deadlines and I’m that employee my superiors have always raved about - I’m also a very happy employee!

It’s never been about the money. Though, yes, I’d like to think that a college grad with a good professional reputation should make enough to pay the bills, go a modest recharging vacation once a year and put enough gas in the car to get to work and home without a second job grinding ice for Mochachinos at Starbucks, I don’t require a mansion and a yacht. (Not even to buy them used from Elmer Fudd!) But, if I have the opportunity to be business-creative and promote with the buzz of a realistic deadline towards which to work, I don’t ever have to be a seven-figure CEO. Just, well, maybe enough to buy a lottery ticket now and then! LOL

This working on working week ended on a positive note. I actually talked to a few people, not voice mails! Oh, most of them welcomed me to call back next week, but that is still, in a rough job market, a very good week!

In other news, this is an Aunting weekend for me! Tori and Rina are watching a movie right ow which gives me a little time to blog, maybe even to scrap a little? We’ll see about that! David is out donating blood this morning and we’ll all be going to the grocery store when he gets back, maybe after lunch.

The grocery store isn’t exciting news, but what happens as a result is! Dinner tonight is Nacho Mountain! Nacho Mountain is the “Nana-Style” Nachos I have made for the girls since they were kids. Of course, at almost 14, they help a lot with preparation - they an even cut the onions! (hehe) I’ll try to remember to take some pictures of the “Feast with the Mexican Flair” tonight and I can reprint the recipe from the archives at Simply Davine. Nacho Mountain was a featured recipe in June of 2004!

David is working an extra weekend shift tonight, so it’s going to be girls night here! Girls Night for the three of us is usually a board game and happy sounds in the full range of giggles to hysterical laugher! Remember that I said they get cooler and cooler as they grow up - they totally bring out my inner giddy teenager!

And now the Day 6 Freebie...

If you’ve been downloading the parts to this kit and read the lyric sheet, or if you just know the song, the line about the weekend is, “Saturday, just 24 hours, Oh no, I’m going back home on Sunday.” Yep, we’re there! Saturday, just one more download, Oh wow, we’ll be all done on Sunday! Those of you familiar with my poetry know that was some of my best stuff right there! ;)

Okay, after even a line or two of the third worst poetry in the universe, I really owe you today's download!

(sorry, link is expired)

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