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Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Mug Shot

New York, New York

360º view of mug

We just got in this afternoon from our weekend East. David’s nephew, BP, was a main character in his middle school's musical. They did a wonderful job! I joke that David and I are putting in points for the Aunt and Uncle of the Year award, but we are really getting the best part of the deal! We’ve been to a ballet recital (an absolute joy for this former kid ballerina) skating lessons and 2 hockey games this January, one boys and one girls (remember I’m a former kid hockey player too!) the musical last weekend and we have another musical in Michigan next month and plans for a marching band event in June. I gotta say, if they never do create that award, the cool time with the nieces and nephews is SO worth it!

The story of the mug coming home to live with me is simple - I have a WONDERFUL man! Yeah, I know, it’s syrupy and I give credit for half of the fun things in my life to that, but he’s right here, all the time. How could he not have a lot to do with the great things in my world? David and I stopped to grab McDinner on the New York Thruway and this mug was in the gift shop window. It’s a very cool mug! The “New York” is raised embossing on the outside of the mug and it’s as big as what David calls my “soup mugs.” Okay, I have used the big ones for soup from time to time too, but more often they are coffee mugs! If he’s not sharing the pot from the little coffee maker with me, it fills a cup that size with a regular cup left for an evening drink. :)

New York has everything to do with that “Aunt and Uncle of the Year” award too. You see, that award doesn’t exist, yet, but one day it might. When Mike Piazza signed on to a longer term with the New York Mets, his contract included a bonus if he won the Division Series MVP award. Piazza is two seasons past his Mets days and thus far, not playing this season. The Division Series MVP award STILL does not exist! That provision was included in his Mets contract just in case they created the award and just in case he won it. So it is with “Aunt and Uncle of the Year.” Just in case they ever create it... We may not have Mikey’s money, but like Piazza, while we are working on that “just in case,” we’re loving what we’re doing. The best kind of tale - everybody wins!

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