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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yummy Coffee

Mmm… I made a cup of the English Toffee coffee in my Keurig brewer this morning and used Coffeemate with a teaspoon of the Ron and Franks hot chocolate. Heath Bar coffee, works better than the mocha Splenda does. It’s perfect.

Today is day two of my recovery and turkey soup take 2. I had planned to make soup with the beautiful turkey carcass Pop sent home with me after dinner on Saturday yesterday, but fate didn’t want that to happen. Sunday night, around ten, I was putting that turkey carcass in the stock pot to put in the fridge to use the next day. When I grabbed the stock pot, which had no water, just turkey, so it wasn’t heavy, I lost my balance. The stock pot went one way, dumping half the carcass, and I went the other, crashing into the wall and banging up my right arm pretty well. After determining that nothing was broken, I started cleaning up the mess on the floor, making the best of already being ON the floor. My arm was sore, really sore. David helped with the clean-up and made sure I got up onto a chair. He pout the stock pot, now with half a turkey in the fridge.

As the adrenaline calmed down, I realized that my right arm was in a lot of pain. Around 11PM, we went for a ride to the ER to make sure nothing was broken and that nothing was mangled. That ended up being a nice 3-hour stay. I came home with an official “nothing broken” and 2 bottles of pills, super charged ibuprofen and Vicodin. They’re both “as needed, 4 times a day and I can take them together. I took one of each when I got home, but still hurt. It did dull the pain enough that once David helped me with the blankets that were too heavy for me to pull over myself without a lot of pain, I got comfortable and fell asleep, until 10:00 yesterday morning!

The pain was greatly reduced by yesterday afternoon and today, it still hurts, but it’s better. Right now, I’m just on Ibuprofen and there is a little cramping pain just above my elbow if I lean on my right arm or if I stretch it up over my head. I exercise those just a little every couple hours to keep it loosened up.

This amounts to blaming my bad knee! That’s what makes my back hurt and throws off my balance. I’ll be getting an MRI in the next few weeks and have signed up for all online classes next semester so I can accommodate anything the doctors feel is necessary to fix my knee!

I did get to enjoy Cyber Monday yesterday! I have everyone done except one gift for Tori and David’s main gift. Of course, I still have some baking shopping to do, but that is in a couple weeks.

The semester is done and I am in Holiday mode until January, with the exception of my physical therapy, now made more fun by my arm, and getting to business on whatever will fix my knee and the subsequent problems it’s causing. Our Christmas cards are ready, so a trip to the post office for a ton of stamps and the industrious addressing starts now. I have a huge stack of addresses. I was trying to get everything in a database this year so we might even do address labels.

Well I found an address book program I really liked and started adding in the addresses from my stack of sheets and envelopes. I had a decent chunk of them done too, but on one of the weekly updates from Windows, something happened to the database file. I went to add some more and the file was gone! I mean the whole program was zapped, I had to re-register it to use it at all. It was back to like I was using the trail model, not the one I purchased. It was all gone! Disheartened, I didn’t start over and I still have my huge stack of addresses. Maybe next year? I know some tricks for backing up and saving the database now and I won’t install any updates until the essential files are backed up now.

So that’s added to my 2011 goals. Continue to lose weight, get my knee fixed, Finish the 2008 scrapbooks while keeping up 2011 (2010 done by the end of January) and Get the Christmas Card address list in one place and organized. I’ll add to that list as things come to me.

This afternoon will be turkey soup time, albeit a smaller pot of it and tonight David has already been warned, I will watch Rudolph this year! I missed it last year. Well, the pain is starting to bug a little in the arm again and I’m an hour away from time for another super-changed ibuprofen. I’m going to seek some calm from the Christmas music station and a cup of hot tea until then.

Everyone have a great day!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cats and Milk

This morning I had the privilege, and ask the cats, it was a privilege, of sharing the milk from my cereal with all three cats.

Oh, it’s not like they learned the word “share,” for which there is no equivalent in the cat language. I have to hold Baggle down at treat time because he sucks up his treat, thus the nickname Hoover, and then tries to bully his sisters to steal their treats. But fortunately for them, I know how to share!

Our rule about the dining room table is no cats when there is food out. I work on the dining room table at my laptop most afternoons and in between naps, the girls come up on the table for a scritch and then to lay down near me. As a cat parent, you have to pick your battles and realize that some you just won’t win. With the relaxed rules about the table, we have very few counter problems with any of them. That is, we have no problems with the counter unless there is wild catnip on it. Then we have to throw Kaline off a few times!

Generally, we relax the table rule to as long as they keep out of the food, on the other end of the table. Kaline gets to be on the table when there is food there, because she is not really so interested in people food, but Baggle and Carla, notsomuch. I did find out two people foods Kaline likes, quite unintentionally.

One day, I was reading the news online at snack time. I had a cup of tea with an apple and a stick of ham. I cut ham steaks into approximately one ounce pieces for snacking. I was holding the ham and deeply reading a story, so not watching the ham. I felt a tug at my hand and looked up to see Kaline trying to bite off a piece of the ham! Now, like a good trained pet, if I’m having ham, I break a little piece of it off for her, so she’s not tempted to try to steal mine.

The other people food Kaline enjoys, that they all like, is, of course, milk. Cats are lactose intolerant, but they don’t care when it comes to milk. I’ve bought the kitty milk at the pet store and they are okay with that, but they still get a lot more enthusiastic about the real deal. I guess I understand that. If I became allergic to chocolate, I might learn to accept fake chocolate, but every now and then, allergy be damned, I’d be trying to sneak a Mr. Goodbar!

I found out about Kaline’s taste for milk one morning when she was the only cat downstairs. Baggle and Carla were still upstairs bugging their Daddy for breakfast. I have tried to feed them so David could sleep a little more and they just plain don’t believe I will feed them when Dad is home! I set my bowl of cereal on the table and went back into the kitchen to get my coffee and fruit. I came back in and there was Kaline, standing next to my bowl lapping up the milk! Well, now the cereal bowl is the LAST thing I put on the table!

I’ve seen reports in several places recently about the discovery of exactly how it is that cats drink. You can Google or YouTube search for the video. Where a dog will bend their tongue forward and make a cup to shovel the liquid in their mouths, cats bend their tongues back and the tip and lapping motion create a stream of liquid that rushes into their mouths! Watch your pets, even try it yourself, when humans lick out of a bowl, we drink like dogs do. It’s pretty interesting stuff!

Kaline likes her milk the proper cat way. When Baggle and Carla lick the milk that’s left in the bottom of a cereal bowl, which, yes, we are guilty of letting them do that, they have to flatten their tongues to clean the bowl, like a dog or a cat for grooming. Either Kaline doesn’t know how to do that for food or she just won’t stop to the level of eating like a dog or human. Hmm.. This morning, I let Kaline get a couple laps at the bowl before the milk was too low to do it cat-style, then while Baggle was cleaning up David’s bowl, I gave Carla mine to clean. Baggle finished up after she was done. So, I was honored to share my breakfast with all three of our regal kids this morning.

It’s going to be a truly enchanted day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Happy Baby-Butt!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well, you know we’re going to have a new member of the family soon.  My step-niece, Amanda and her hubby, Aaron are expecting their baby boy before Christmas, maybe before Thanksgiving.  It makes me think about when Rina and Tori were babies.  

Babies are wonderful, when they are happy.  Even when babysitting, there was one thing that made think about saying, “take them back!”  That one thing was diaper rash!  16 years ago, the girls would get so cranky from it, of course, it’s sore and itchy.  What made me cranky is the ungodly smell of the ointment that made it go away!

I’ve heard about a new product for diaper rash that I’ll definitely urge Amanda to consider and I‘m urging any of you that have or will have a new baby or grandbaby to check it out.  The name will make you giggle, it did me, but everything I’ve heard about it made me straighten up and say, “WOW!”

Boudreaux's Butt Paste was created by a pharmacist with direction from a pediatrician for diaper rash care.  It’s skin protecting, soothing relief for diaper rash that comes in convenient sizes for use at home, Grandma’s or any place slipped in a diaper bag.  Of course, the greatest point to an Aunt, like the Tori and Rina will soon be, is it has a pleasant smell!

Boudreaux's Butt Paste has been featured on some very reputable television shows, like Oprah and the Today Show and there are rave reviews.  You can get a free sample of Butt Paste at the site, just send a self-addressed stamped envelope.  I’m going to order one for Amanda and if you have a baby in the family, for the sake of their comfort, you should order a sample too!


Visit Sponsor's Site

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scrappy Weekend

Well, I did promise yesterday that I’d show off some of the fruits of my weekend!

The first project of the weekend was Thanksgiving 2008. That’s slightly out of order currently. My scrapping goal this year was to catch up 2007 and keep up 2010, I want to have 2010 done by the end of January, 2011. Well, I needed appropriate photos and those were in 2008.

Darlene Haughin has a new mini kit, Bountiful Harvest. Right now that kit is a limited time freebie available at Scrap Bird. It just screamed Thanksgiving to me. So, my first layouts of the weekend were Thanksgiving layouts.

Credits: Bountiful; Harvest by Darlene Haughin,

Word art by Caribbean Mom,

turkey shape from the Thanksgiving shapes -

\freebie from the Adobe Photoshop Exchange

Credits: Bountiful Harvest by Darlene Haughin

You can get this kit for free for a limited time at Scrap Bird. That would be a great next stop after The Chronicles of Nani!

Moving up to the current year again, continuing my work towards that finished by the end of January goal, I opened up the next file in my 2010 “to be scrapped” folder. I just finished up 14 pages from our Florida trip and the next April folder was “cat mom-cad dad!”

I bought a bundle of mini kits by Ellie Lash when she was interviewed on Veelana’s blog and offered a coupon. I love mini kits because they let you focus on the photos and the page instead of going through 40-50 elements and papers or more before you even get started! I do like larger kits for larger sets of photos, because that variety is essential to do many pages with the continuity of one kit, but for solo pages, the right mini kit is the perfect answer to getting a great page without an hour of choosing the papers and elements. One of the kits in that bundle was Cats Meow, purrfect cat pages!

Credits: Cats Meow by Ellie Lash

I thought putting the cat cutouts in the foreground was a nice “walk all over us” effect too!

Now one more really cool kit and layout I did today. I swear this kit was made for me, it just feels like it! I don’t even have ell of it yet, but I LOVE it!!

All Aboard is a freebie collab by Edna B and Suruah-Freespirit . Trains!!

What an awesome kit for all my train layouts. They offered the first parts last Monday, the day I don’t get too much time for blog-reading, so I was delayed in getting back to the Monday blogs! Parts 3 and 4 will be available tomorrow and if I don’t get time for reading tomorrow, I’ll be sure to check back when I read blogs on Tuesday. Tuesday and Thursday are big reading days because I need rest time for a while after aquatic therapy.

My layout was inspired by a photo. I’m not going to say I took the photo, because we got in trouble because I aimed my camera at the subject. It seems the security guards at refineries think a woman with a party camera and a cane is suspicious. I get that there is a heightened sense of fear in today’s world and I don’t think safety is a bad thing at all, but come on, seriously, I look dangerous?

Anyway, the photo, that I DID NOT TAKE, was one of the refinery, the storage tanks to be precise. There were several sizes of storage tanks and they were on a hill, so there was some amazing texture to the lay of the land. I envisioned varying sizes of paper blocks in front of and behind the main photo. Of course, scrapping early May in November, I couldn’t possibly remember the inspiration for the layout, because I didn’t have the photo. I didn’t take the photo. Just like I told the nice security guard.

I don’t defiantly break the law, but I’m not such a stickler for the company policy of a company for whom I don’t work. I don’t observe the technicalities often, because I seldom have to, but when I’m standing on public property, taking a photo is not breaking a law. I’m really not exposing anyone’s secrets in a scrapbook page. I didn’t even post or scrap the photo. I mean, I can’t because the photo, of course, does not exist!

Anyway, void of that wonderful inspiration, here is the layout I did with the parts of All Aboard I have so far:

Credits: All Aboard by Edna B and Suruah-Freespirit

I still maintain that one of the wonderful things about digital, photography is that you can shoot like there’s no film in the camera, because there’s not! That also includes getting shots of buildings and industry that inspire layouts!

Okay, now off to finish dinner and do another layout before bed!


Darlene Haughin

Scrap Bird

Bountiful Harvest

Ellie Lash

Miss Edna’s Place


Designs In Digital

Santa’s Digi Express

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Things By Mail!

I hate paying for shipping, and look for the free shipping whenever possible, but I love internet shopping and having things arrive here without having to go fight parking, crowds and shelves that empty just before you get there, especially at this time of year. I also hate wasting time. Finding what I want and ordering it takes, on average, five minutes for every hour driving, parking, walking and finding the item in a store. Much as I hate paying the shipping, I’ll gladly pay reasonable shipping to save wasting time. I hate wasting time more!

Amazon Prime is my best shopping friend. I have it right now because I’m a student and they offer it free to students. I buy a lot of my text books at Amazon because they are more affordable than the bookstore most of the time. I shop and compare prices. The textbooks are often from other sellers at Amazon and not eligible for the Prime free shipping, many other things are sold through Amazon and available with Amazon Prime. So, for Christmas shopping, I’ll look on Amazon first. See how that works? Free shipping = more sales! Hehe

There are a few specialty items that I definitely order online because I can’t otherwise find them or if I do find them, it’s for a premium price! Yesterday was a two-box day, not even Christmas stuff yet!

The first box was from Amazon. I got a My K-Cup. My K-Cup does two awesome things. First, since Starbucks is not contracted with Keurig, I can now make my own Verona K-Cups! But it does more!

My Keurig maker makes water the perfect temperature for tea, hot chocolate and instant soups, anything would add hot water to. By taking the filter basket out, it heats perfect water into a cup or cream pitcher. Truth – when you put boiling water on a tea bag, it shocks and to an extent closes up the tea leaves, making the steeping process take longer and changing the flavor of the tea. That’s not so terrible with herbal teas, but with a regular tea, it can be disastrous! I like Earl Grey on occasion. The boiling water method makes hot weak tea initially and when the waster cools a little, the tea releases quick, making a bitter, very strong cup of tea. Remember that some of the tea leaves were scalded and the more delicate nuances of the flavor is gone forever, making a very harsh tea. Hot water through the Keurig maker allows the tea to brew naturally and instantly, preserving all the flavor!

Another one of my wonderful Internet finds has been Ron and Franks Gourmet Drink Mixes. They make hot chocolates, apple cider mix and cheat-a-ccino in a huge selection of flavors! This includes that they make every mix in regular and sweetened with Splenda for a low-calorie, sugar-free drink. They also make several of their mixes with no sweetener at all. I love the unsweetened Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino. I got the decaf mix and I can have a cup at night with dessert and can sweeten it as much as I want. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that I can get my Pumpkin Spice at Speedway this time of year, but I usually mix it half and half with regular coffee because it’s sweeter than my taste. That does cut into the pumpkin spice flavor. With the unsweetened mix, I get the flavor I want at the sweetness I want. I have placed an order for Christmas of some hot chocolate mixes, cappuccino and spiced cider. Rina is especially excited that I’ll have 5-calorie hot cider mix at UNO this year! She mentioned I might want to order and extra bag!

It looks like UNO and the Fabulous Dessert Bar will be the day after Christmas this year. That’s cool because I’ll be done with the semester of school and I’ll essentially have the week before Christmas to bake and everything will be especially fresh for both Christmas and UNO. Not that things get stale in a week, but having everything so close, I’ll be able to schedule even better!

The other box UPS delivered yesterday was from My Spice Sage. I found this online store searching for someplace to get dried soybeans. I have wanted to toast my own soybeans but it’s been nearly impossible to find them at the grocery stores I’ve been looking at. Remember, my physical ability to run around from store to store is still limited, although between therapy and the doc’s manipulation, it’s getting better! So, I searched for someplace I could order soybeans. What a great find! My Spice Sage has not only got soybeans, but every spice you could think of! I ordered the rest of the spices I need to make Middle Eastern Seven Spice. Now, I can finally try the recipe for gallabah I have! My order included a free bag of turkey brine spices, every order gets a free 16-oz bag of turkey brine spices right now, and my choice of a sample spice. I chose the apple pie spice to play with in the kitchen.

My box from 11th Street Coffee came in at the very end of FedEx time tonight. 11th Street has a fabulous selection of K-Cups and I order from them every 6 or 7 weeks. I’m kinda hoping that this shipment will last me through the end of the year, with the additional purchase of the holiday assortment that’s usually available at Bed Bath and Beyond. I ordered two boxes of the Autumn Harvest blend for Green Mountain. That is a limited edition and when I tried it last time, it made the Caribou I usually get taste just a little bit less. Right now I have only Caribou and it is just as wonderful as it always has been, but when the Caribou box is empty, I’ll have Autumn Harvest for a while. I’m not opening an Autumn Harvest box until the current Caribou is gone.

I find I go through more decaf now that I drink exclusively decaf at night. I bought an extra box of Newman’s decaf K-Cups at Kroger because I used up the decaf sampler box from last time, Boy it’s more expensive at the grocery store for K-Cups! This time I got a box of breakfast blend decaf, the breakfast blend is a more robust flavor, which I prefer at night. Breakfast Blend Decaf. Isn’t that an oxymoron? I also got a box of Hazelnut decaf. Hazelnut is the only flavored coffee other than vanilla that comes in decaf. I searched for a cinnamon, but no dice! I can add my own cinnamon, but the flavor is better if it’s brewed into the coffee than added after. Still, I’ll be able to enjoy a flavored coffee at night too.

Back to scrapping. Tomorrow, I’ll show off a little of the fruits of today’s labor!

Ron and Franks Gourmet Drink Mixes
My Spice Sage
11th Street Coffee

Crackle…Crackle…**POP** Ahhhh!

Sounds from yesterday morning at the doctor’s office. I went in to have my back worked on. I was happy to report that I seemed to be doing much better with the therapy, stronger. My Doc was glad to hear that. He was also glad to hear that loud POP when he was doing my back adjustment. That pop was in the area of my right hip at my lower back. He called it “the mother lode.” It's relieved so much of the pain and tightness, my leg and arm don’t get tingles when I sit in front of the computer, well, not much and I can sit much longer before they do. I’m not completely fixed, but I’m so much better!

Today, I’m sore, pretty much all over. My muscles are worn out after three straight days of therapy and the manipulation yesterday. It’s a good relax day!

I think I’m gonna pour a cup of coffee and have a scrap day!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Day Late but NOT a Freebie Short!

Happy 66, Pop!

Happy day after International Digital Scrapbooking Day! Yes, it’s true, not only did I not post anything yesterday, but I didn’t even have my computer turned on! Skipped the whole thing. But I had a good reason!

A few months ago my brother had a fatalistic idea for Pop’s birthday. How about both of his kids show up unannounced and take him to dinner? How cool! I was totally in! David and I did the hour and a half trek, leaving around 10 and through text communication hit the Michigan border about the same time Dave and family did on their way from Indianapolis.

Aunt Judy, who was in on the plan, left the door unlocked for us so we could get in while she was teaching a class so we could be in the house when Pop got home from work. About 2 PM, Pop came in and the six of us cheered “Happy Birthday!” He had no idea! Aunt Judy did well!!

So, since I didn’t have an iDSD freebie for you all for the holiday yesterday, I have not one but THREE inspired templates for you today. The three templates were developed form layouts I did from our vacation to Florida in the spring. I saw a building that just screamed scrapbook page to me in Unadilla, Georgia.

I snapped the shot for the sole purpose of using it to make pages later.. Gotta love Digital cameras for that!

This is one of the layouts I did from the shot:

Credits: Papers from Summer Garden by Scrappy Cocaoa,
Template - Unadilla On My Mind 3 by Digitalegacies Designs

In all, I did three pages for the Georgia part of the trip that were variations on that theme. Those three layouts made into Unadilla On My Mind, a nice three-template set!

Click preview to download
Password is Unadilla

As my “day late but NOT a freebie short” gift, I’d like to offer the full set for download. I hope you can use some of the sale and freebie kits you scored yesterday to put them to good use!

As always, I’d love to see any layouts you do with Digitalegacies Designs products. Feel free to leave a link in comments at any time or drop me an email at chroniclesofnanii@gmail.com!

Have a great rest of the scrapping holiday weekend!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Random, Huh?

I don't like the conglomerate of gibberish letters many places want you to type in to prove you're a real person, but this one was personal! In order to leave a blog comment I was given"sharedsp." DSP is my husband and I am NOT sharing! :P

But I did want to share the chuckle!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Starting November...

Pre-Election Self-Growls

I’m growling at myself because I’m not as prepared as I want to be, not as prepared as I should be for tomorrow. Voting is a right, responsibility and a privilege and I’ve just been too self-absorbed with school and my medical issues this year to be up to acceptable speed with state and local politics.

When I was in Michigan, I knew politics. I mean I knew what was going on in Lansing and who was doing it. I wasn’t a know-it-all politico, but I kept my brain on what was going on with the politicians who represented ME. When I was in Cable TV, I worked with a lot of politicians and commentators. Maybe that was cheating. I had an inside view of their views getting to see what they said off camera and how they said it. I knew what was rehearsed and what was from the heart, no matter how good their acting skills were.

I’ve been in Ohio for almost 4 years. I don’t know a whole lot more than I did in 2007 about our state. I have followed and/or researched the candidates for congress and I have a definite opinion in the gubernatorial election, but, to be honest, I’m not even sure what the Secretary of State DOES in Ohio. I just know it’s different than Michigan.

So, tomorrow, I’ll vote in the races for which I have an informed opinion. My goal for next year is that I will have good sources, and follow them to get to really know my state, county and city governments beyond who holds the “big seats.” I may be an Ohiogander, but my birth state notwithstanding, my identifier begins with Ohio. I’m going to try harder to earn that tax deduction we get for my tuition!

Paws Poker

Sunday November 7 will be Paws Poker, Texas Hold ‘em to benefit Paws and Whiskers, the cat shelter that Carla came from. If you’re anywhere in driving distance of Toledo and want to play poker for a great cause, you should consider a Sunday drive to The Knights of Columbus Hall in Toledo. David has played in the Paws and Whiskers Tournament a couple of times and I’ve even played once. I actually got farther that I thought I would! The other players are pretty good about knowing that there are many players who are cat lovers first and poker players, well, some not at all. So it’s a fun day. There will be cats there too, so if you come with your more poker savvy significant other, you can visit with the purries if you get knocked out first. But remember, the tournament I went to, David was shocked that I wouldn’t be reading during the finals, but playing! (At least for a few more hands)

Visit Paws and Whiskers Paws Poker page for more info about the tournament and pre-registering to save a few dollars on the buy in!

Help Lacey have a Happy Thanksgiving

Lacey, the kitty we sponsored at Paws in June is still hoping the next human who comes in will be her Mommy or Daddy. It’s been a rough year for pets this year. Adoptions at the shelter are down and they are turning away people who have cats that need homes. There’s just not room.

I know last year, when we had to choose between “Sassy” and Shannon, Sassy is the cat who really sold herself to us and became our Carla. It was a rough first few weeks, but to be honest, as rattled as I remember being about it all and even thinking of sending Carla back, I reread the blog entries and my personal journal entries from that time and I honestly don’t think I really seemed that stressed. I’m so glad we didn’t give up on Carla or on Kaline's and Baggle’s ability to live with another cat. There are cat ways that are sometimes beyond what we mere humans can grasp!

When we adopted Carla, we sponsored Shannon too. Just before Thanksgiving I had a nice long cat talk on the phone with a Paws volunteer who called to let me know that Shannon had been adopted and would be at her new home for Thanksgiving! I was so happy! It was just under a month later that Shannon was going home!

Now, we’ve been Lacy’s sponsor for almost 5 months. I’m sad that such a sweet girl is still sleeping in a cage at night. I know that’s better than sleeping in the streets, being cold and always in danger from sickness, parasites, other animals, mean people and cars, but I look at Carla sleeping on the sofa and hear her loud purring when she cuddles between David and me and I wish it could be that way for all of the cats at Paws. Whether it’s a cat or dog, rescues are the most loving and loyal domestic companions there are. They remain bonded to the kind heart that takes them off the streets, out of the shelter cages and shares themselves and their home.

I read a sweet story in the Bronner’s Christmas catalog about tabby cats, like Kaline and Lacey. The legend of the tabby cat is that a tabby kitten jumped into the manger and cuddled the baby Jesus to warrm Him with its fur. Mary touched the kitten’s forehead to thank it and it formed the two darker open triangles on either side of the nose to make an M, Mary’s mark. The mark on the tabby on the ornament Bronner’s is selling is more pronounced with no lighter stripes in between but Kaline has that darker M marking and look at the picture, so does Lacey. Isn’t that a wonderful symbol to have in your home?

If you are in the Toledo area or know someone that is that would love to welcome a sweet Tabby girl to bless their home, consider Lacey!


Paws Poker http://www.pawsandwhiskers.org/paws_poker.php

Paws and Whiskers http://www.pawsandwhiskers.org

Lacey’s Page http://www.pawsandwhiskers.org/catalo.php?req=view&prod_id=146

Legend of the Tabby Cat Ornament at Bronner’s http://www.bronners.com/product/tabby-cat-glass-ornament/1145438