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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crackle…Crackle…**POP** Ahhhh!

Sounds from yesterday morning at the doctor’s office. I went in to have my back worked on. I was happy to report that I seemed to be doing much better with the therapy, stronger. My Doc was glad to hear that. He was also glad to hear that loud POP when he was doing my back adjustment. That pop was in the area of my right hip at my lower back. He called it “the mother lode.” It's relieved so much of the pain and tightness, my leg and arm don’t get tingles when I sit in front of the computer, well, not much and I can sit much longer before they do. I’m not completely fixed, but I’m so much better!

Today, I’m sore, pretty much all over. My muscles are worn out after three straight days of therapy and the manipulation yesterday. It’s a good relax day!

I think I’m gonna pour a cup of coffee and have a scrap day!

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