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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Book Review: Dreamcast by Paul Telegdi

Finished reading on June 20, 2013

Book Synopsis at Good Reads

Imagine that you had a nightmare about your ex-girlfriend's murder and woke to find yourself accused of it! This is what confronts Travis Howard, a 23-year old art student struggling to prove his innocence while trapped in jail.

All evidence incriminates him, and the police are determined to break him. Isolated from family and friends, condemned by the community, Travis fights against the growing hopelessness of his situation. His only support is the psychologist assigned to assess him, who discovers latent psychic abilities which Travis has great difficulty accepting.
Increasingly, in this cauldron of conflict, he grows fond of her, but is not sure of her reactions. Gradually gaining confidence and learning to use his new-found talents, Travis tracks down the psychopathic killer to a fateful confrontation.

My review at Good Reads
2 out of 5 stars

At first it seemed trite and full of stereotypes, but told in first person, that was the main character’s naiveté. Some of his “learning about psychic ability was interesting and figuring out the crimes and the crimes themselves were okay but they were a lot more graphic than they needed to be for a book that was essentially 2 fairly brief books, The characters really weren’t developed and many aspects of then weren’t believable. The love story subplot in story 1 was unnecessary and unrealistic. The climaxes of both stories were good but brief and the ends seemed to rush to tie up to many loose ends

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