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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Never, Never Quit

I’m joining Josanne at A Chocolate Bouquet for another Thursday motivational blog hop.

Yesterday Sheri posted on Facebook that it was her anniversary; 2 years smoke-free! It’s definitely something to be proud of and, heck yeah, announce it to the world! I think the key is to be proud of your own accomplishment but don’t preach to smokers to “be like me!” It’s something you have to do on your own terms and anyone drilling you is going to have the opposite effect. I quit smoking 22-1/2 years ago. They say that it takes seven years to clean out your lungs after quitting. For me, it was about that time that I developed an allergy to cigarette smoke. Fortunately, most of my friends who smoked have quit now and that’s not such an issue anymore, but there was a time that Benadryl was my social friend; I’d rather drug up for a few days than give up my friends. There’s no one you want LESS at a gathering than a self-righteous former anything! But being an agreeable former smoker I was able to be a quiet example without alienating my friends.

This post is not about smoking. Well, it kinda is. It’s about not giving up on yourself. One comment Sheri made, that I can totally relate to is “I just wish losing weight was as easy as quitting smoking was.” Me too. It would be awesome to celebrate 2 years at my idea weight. But I fall off the wagon, like the second half of last year when I gained instead of losing. I’m an emotional eater and I was having some serious warding off depression problems. But I’m happy to say that this week I’ve lost a half pound; slow and steady and healthy. And I will keep working on it until I can announce the anniversary of being at my ideal weight. And Sheri will too. We both quit smoking successfully, so we know, given time and perseverance, we will also win the “battle of the bulge.”

So there’s my motivational tip for this week: When you are feeling like reaching your goal is a losing battle, even if it’s a goal you haven’t obtained yet years later, think about a goal you have met and realize that you have the power to conquer any demon and to meet any goal. Remember that the goals that take the longest to achieve are the ones that have the most gratifying rewards. Don’t ever give up on you.


McGuffy Ann said...

This is a great post. Just what many need.
My husband quit smoking, cold turkey, 21 years ago. It never is, but you are right...it is worth it because you are!

April said...

Big congrats on giving up smoking...that's a tremendous accomplishment! Thanks for your motivational words this morning...something we can all benefit from!

retired not tired said...

Great post. My husband quit smoking almost 20 years ago. The money we saved from buying cigarettes and the drugs to keep us breathinghave paid for our cruises.

Edna B said...

One day in January 2000, I decided I'd had enough and put my cigarettes down and walked away from them. I've never regretted it. And no, I don't preach to my smoking friends. If and when they are ready, they'll quit on their own.

I keep trying to lose weight, but I don't seem to be able to win this battle. I keep trying though.

You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.