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Monday, January 7, 2013

Let’s Get This New Year Started

I need to do a little bit of a rewrite on the original goals post, but I will publish it soon. For right now, step one of rejoining normal life is rejoining my normal memes! Here is the Monday Quiz About Me brought to us by Heather at Acting Balanced, and Wayne at Touristic.

1. What do you think the biggest downside to being rich and famous would be?

Not having time to scrapbook.

Seriously, if I was rich and famous I’d be a Type-A with a staff. We’d already have the totally handicap friendly ranch over David’s model train layout. He’d be my publicist and perhaps by now our biggest event would be the annual MS benefit. I would completely thrive on having a major annual project. I really don’t have a marketable artistic talent, so the rich and famous must have been from a business venture that thrived enough to make headlines. It also means I have an excellent and skilled staff to keep me up to speed even as the MS slows me down.

I’d be a happy and active philanthropist surrounded by people I trust. I can totally see Kelly as the coordinator of all incoming requests for assistance and speaker appearances, HeatherH is my business manager, Tracy is the manager of Media Relations, which includes time off to work on her film projects. Rich would be her Number One and would handle things when she was on location. Scotty would be the superintendent for all new construction in the company (and that would include field visits only when he wanted to; he’d have a staff too) Sheri would be the chief author in the publishing arm of the company and would be n charge of arranging creative book tours. Neither Tori nor Rina would have a job, not yet anyway, because they’d be at the college of their choice with all bills covered and nothing to work on except grades. (Of course those grades are what earns next semester’s tuition, books and living stipend)

I’d have an insanely happy family, trusted staff that’s been with me forever and so much I’d want to scrap…but I wouldn’t have time.

2. What is the most interesting news article you read or heard about last week?

I was in the hospital and really out if touch, so I guess that 2013 really did start without me is the most interesting thing I heard about.

3. Who kissed you for the first time?

My first real kiss was Jeff, my “boyfriend” in fifth grade. At our end of the year bike picnic at Maybury State Park, we had a few alone moments on the bike path and I asked him if it wasn’t “about time we kissed” since we’d been boyfriend and girlfriend all year. He shrugged and said, “Okay.”

I could comment about how easy it is to get a guy to do what you want when it has to do with kissing or anything more advanced, but if you think about it, as an adult the moment between innocent kids of 10 and 11 years old, one simple kiss on the lips before we resumed biking, paints a cute picture. But it was special enough that it lasts in my memory so many years later. I could probably point to the exact place on the bike path where we stopped.

4. How much do you typically tip at a decent sit down restaurant?

I always tip 20% at any restaurant, a little more at nicer restaurants or anyplace the service was exceptional. I also tend to tip a little extra at more casual restaurants where the server is obviously swamped and still treading water. Seriously, been there and I appreciate the stress she or he is going through. If I was that rich and famous chick, I’d leave the occasional $100 bill for the sole server on the understaffed night shift with the surprise rush.

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5. That rich and famous fantasy got me thinking about what I’d have done to become rich and famous. My question this week, is if you woke up in an alternate universe where you were rich and famous, what do you think you're rich and famous for?

I think in an alternate universe I’m a rich and famous motional speaker. I used to do quasi-speaking in small groups with interns and coworkers at many jobs I’ve had in the past. I love helping people love their jobs, what they do, themselves. I also love inspiring people to get ahead and to make the very most of what they’ve got. I think if I was rich and famous it would be because someone “discovered me” and wanted to put my inspirational ideas on a stage, video, and books.


Sammie said...

Thought provoking question there. For me it would have to do with either art/photography and helping others. Those are the two things, according to others I am best at. That or something dealing with children. Maybe winning billions in the lottery and having a huge house built adopting as many children as I could encouraging them be the best they could be. Would be hard for I wouldn't want them or anyone else knowing we had money, nor would it be a complete spoiling type life. I believe happiness comes from action not money.

My Kid's Mom said...

I'd be rich an famous for my advances in medical research! As long as I'm dreaming - I would have discovered the cure for cancer.

retired not tired said...

The only way I could be rich and famous would be to win a lottery however you have to buy a ticket and since I don't it isn't going to happen. When I get a ticket I call it my "million dollar" dream

marvimarti.com said...

I would be rich and famous for my writing! I want very much to start writing novels and that is what I would most love to do! That and be one of Avon's top sellers like my Avon idol, Lisa Wilber. Yep me,the books and the makeup.

Arlene said...

I hope that it would be for something artistic, like decorating rich people's homes or writing incredible books that were always on the best seller list.

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

i'd be a beautiful actress of course! (in an alternate reality)

seamhead gypsy said...

I would have thought that you would have been rich and famous for leading your team in a world series victory. I would be rich and famous for convincing the pols in Washington dc to work together and actually solve our nation's issues instead of compounding those issues.

Wayne W Smith said...

I would be leader of the world..;-)

Thanks for participating in the MQAM. Hope to see you again next week.

Edna B said...

Hmmm, first of all, if I were to wake up and find myself rich, I would hire me at least two housekeepers. That way if one were sick, the other one could clean my house.

But how did I get so rich and famous? (in money, of course!) I think it would be from the "best seller" books that I had written. Later, I may have gotten even more famous as a photographer. Ahhh, nice thoughts.

Well, I may not have buckets of money, but I surely am rich in everything that is important. I can be happy with that.

You have a good night my friend, hugs, Edna B.