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Friday, July 27, 2012

Post 1000!!

Welcome to The Chronicles of Nani Post #1000 on blogger! 
Have some black forest cake!

This week’s statements:
1. I learned how to make _____ in ____
2. I have always wanted to ____
3. My purse always has a __________and _______________.
4. One day when I am ____________I am going to _______________________.

My Answers:

1. I learned how to make Pandora-style bracelets in Summer Arts and Crafts.

2. I have always wanted to travel and photograph trains, since I was in my early 20s. Thanks to fortunate mating, I’m living that dream!

3. My purse always has a lip balm or five and my wallet. I carry a little purse and I think 5 is the highest number of lip balms I’ve had at one time.

4. One day when I am driving a minivan with hand controls and a powerchair is back I am going to get out of the house on my own a lot more. Almost sad that a red minivan has become the “dream car.” I kinda feel old.

1. What is the funniest thing you saw on Facebook/twitter this week?

I hope my sense of humor isn’t too morbid this week, but I reposted this because I couldn’t stop giggling:

2. What is your favorite Olympic event?

To watch on TV, I like gymnastics, men’s and women’s, but especially women’s. One of the feathers in my cap when I was a sports producer was putting high school gymnastics on local TV. Ours was the first gymnastics coverage in the area and within a couple of years high school gymnastics was covered by the local programing channels in many of the neighboring cable systems. So, while I enjoy the artistic athleticism, there are warm memories and a little ego stroke watching it too.

3. Do your kids to chores around the house? If so, what are they and how old are the children? Do they get paid for them?

Kaline will be 7 next month and Carla 4 the month after that. The only real important chores they have are to stand as good luck charms to The Reds, Red Sox and Tigers. When they do well and all three teams win, they get bonus treats.

4. If you get bad service/food do you complain or keep quiet?

If the service is poor, that’s reflected in the tip. If the food is bad, yes I complain. I’ve had salad that were ordered with dressing on the side swimming in dressing, A fish dish I’ve had many times that tasted fishy, as in old fish, and fried chicken breasts when I ordered grilled. Not acceptable and I’m not paying for it. They don’t take their mistakes off the bill if you don’t complain.

5. If you could pick ONE frivolous item for your home, what would it be? (massive room sized closet? swimming pool? greenhouse? etc...)

Someone to come in and clean under my supervision. (Not just a maid who goes on his or her way cleaning, but someone who will be the manpower behind my vision.)

**  I love scrapbooking! It’s Christmas in July at many of the scrapbook sites I frequent and there are some great challenges at Ginger Scraps. I collected the pieces from their designers in the Facebook page hop for a very nice holiday kit. One of the challenges was to select and journal abut one very special holiday photo. Here’s where the “I love Scrapbooking” shines. I still have about half of Christmas 2008 to scrap and I’ve done a few of the pages I have left to do for challenges.

My one special photo is from the pictures Tori took of David and me on Christmas Eve, the day after we got married. She took a few of us at Pop’s by the tree. They were our set of second pictures of us together after we were married. There was one photo the judge took after we exchanged vows from the actual day. This was my favorite of the bunch:

The flash didn’t go off so it’s underexposed and grainy and the photo is a mess, but I melt when I see David looking at me and I look so happy. And the photo is useless to use for anything. I can’t frame it, I can't paper scrap with it and I could do a few things in Photoshop to clean it up, but I loses detail and clarity and the splotchy darkness will not go away. But digital scrapbooking does this:

Credits: Christmas In July by Sugar Kissed Designs

I like the way it turned out and the part of that photo that "speaks” is very much intact!

**  Last weekend was a great kick-off to Nanifest XLVI! Steam train on Friday Morning and Saturday, Reds game Sunday and Dragons game Monday made for much travel time and of course trains and baseball; how could it not be a great weekend? This week has been a little slower on the party side because of my gift from the city. The city of Toledo is giving me a NEW STRET for my birthday! How cool is that? There are several streets being replaced and ours is one of them. Of course right now I have a city zip code and live on a dirt road, but it’ll be nice when they have it done. Right now though, I can’t move my car out of the driveway while concrete is curing. But we have some fun planned for the weekend.

**  I don’t understand Fruit-on-the-Bottom yogurt. Why can’t it all be blended? I LOVE Dannon Greek yogurt, especially the black cherry. The yogurt all alone is tart and, well, yucky. When it’s all blended it’s heavenly! So why not make is blended? I mean really, won’t people who like it plain just buy plain yogurt? It would be easier and less messy if it was already blended, like the strawberry or raspberry are!


Red said...

Congrats on the 1000 post. That's awesome!

Love the photo. I think it's a great pic, grainy or not.

Bev said...

I'd like a piece of that cake!!

Arlene said...

Congrats on your 1000th post! How nice that you get to live your dream of photographing trains, it sounds like a lot of fun! Have a great weekend!

Keetha Broyles said...

I have a friend who owns a home cleaning business. While we were on vacay I asked if she would come in and clean, since we didn't get it done before we left.

Oh My!

It was so beautiful in here I think I'm going to hire her every other week.

And I will be a very happy camper.

Wayne W Smith said...

Congrats on 1000 posts! That is a nice accomplishment.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Congratulations on 1,000 posts. That is quite an accomplishment.
Way to go!

seamhead gypsy said...

Two Tuesday"s ago I turned 20,000 days old. And this past Monday my wife and I had been married for 4,300 days. Congrats on number 1,000 Nani!

Edna B said...

Don't fret that a mini van is a dream car. I love mini vans!! They are so totally cool!!!!!

I just love that photo from Christmas. It's not the quality of the photography that's precious, it's the look of love on your faces.

I just love your your little re-post. I'm curious too about the look on his face when he saw how big his puppy got. lol.

As for the olympic events, I'm not that much of a fan. But I do love the ice skating (when they have it). I can watch that for hours.

I too, send back bad food, and don't tip for bad service. As for the maid - now I could learn to love that. Oh my, the thought of it makes me drool.

On that note, I'm off to dreamland. You have a wonderful night, hugs, Edna B.

Hilary said...

I have a lot of lip stuff in my bag too

Susi K aka BocaFrau said...

Congrats on you 1000th post. I love Pandora bracelets... they are so pretty. It's nice that you learned how to make them!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on 1000! I'm at 600. :)

Pam Lofton said...

Messy is right. I have never stirred up fruit on the bottom yogurt without shooting it all over myself. Absolutely LOVE the digital scrapbook page- it turned out perfectly!

Edna B said...

There is an award waiting for you on my blog, Enjoy, Edn B.

Kelly@CCCC said...

All you have to do is ask!! I will make sure I have a couple of extra days in October to help you accomplish your vision! I would absolutely feel honored to help you!

P.S. I keep picturing in my mind Carla trying to hold on to a dustpan while Kaline sweeps. (now THAT makes me giggle!)

Chris said...

Hi Nani, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris