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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!!

Happy Friday The 13th! Remember if a black cat crosses your path today it’s a blessing and if you hurt a black cat today you’ll be cursed for 20 years. I’m starting a new superstition; one that’s better!

This week’s statements:
1. My day always starts by ____
2. I prefer ___ to ____
3. I never thought I’d __________ until I __________
4. I wish I could ________ for ________________.

My Answers:

1. My day always starts by having a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit. It’s my breakfast appetizer.

2. I prefer Natural Instincts Cinnaberry to the natural silver that’s becoming more prevalent on my head.

3. I never thought I’d have a wedding until I started thinking about it with David. We both talked about it but decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. We just wanted the marriage. Surprising everyone after was a blast!

4. I wish I could teleport for things that were more than a couple hours’ drive away.

1. What's your view on men wearing sandals (yay or nay)?

As long as they don’t wear them with socks! I really never look at anyone’s shoes, but socks and sandals throw out a beacon to me tell me “FAIL ahead!”

2. What song do you love but are embarrassed to admit?

Anything by Pitbull, but I’m starting to get over the embarrassment.

3. What summer camp should they make for moms?

Cooking camp, one where you learn ways to make a balanced meal for kids that they’ll love, even ask for. Okay, but that also gives tips on effectively discouraging trading sandwiches at lunch. My mom made checkerboard sandwiches with white and brown bread, cut into 4s and opposing corners flipped. They were so cool my brother could get a Twinkie for half of one.

4. What is the most romantic song? (Not necessarily your favorite or your wedding song...)

I Know How The River Feels by Diamond Rio; If we’d had a traditional wedding and reception I’d have wanted that to be our first dance, but David would have wanted Your Own Special Way by Genesis. He’d have won that one because it was the song we danced to in the kitchen our first Valentine’s Day together, so it gets an extra shot of romance value! But I still think I Know How The River Feels expresses beyond romance!

5. Do you have an embarrassing pregnancy story?

I’ve never been pregnant by choice and careful prevention.

Kaline was weaned too soon and we used to moisten all her food because she didn’t have all of her kitten teeth yet. She slept in my bed, her choice. One night she tried to suckle me. That was embarrassing at the time. That’s as close to a pregnant story as I have; Kaline thought I gave birth to a litter of kittens.

**  I’d never heard of Luke Bryan until the All Star Game! I got a lot of comments about his looks.  I heard the National Anthem but was in the kitchen finishing up the dishes so I still don’t know what he looks like. Shrugs. I’m happy with my own morning eye-candy anyway.  He did have a good voice!

**  Today is a Cat-Holiday. It’s similar to St. Patrick’s Day. When a black cat crosses your path it’s a blessing and if that cat needs a home and you welcome it into your home, you are doubly blessed. Black cats are incredibly affectionate to the people who care for them. Think of a black cat as a leprechaun today and all that love is your pot of gold! Oh yeah, and also like St. Patrick’s Day; Everycat is a Black Cat on Friday the 13th!


Heather Smith said...

I completely forgot that it's Friday the 13th! Thanks for the reminder.

Cheryl said...

I would LOVE to go to a cooking camp! Happy Black Cat Day! :)

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Last night I tried to guess how many Friday the 13th references I would come across today. That is not the same as a black cat coming across me!

Arlene said...

Teleporting, what a great idea! Perfect for those of us who hate to drive!

I agree, socks and sandals don't mix. That applies to women as well :P.

Have a blessed weekend.

Red said...

Luke Bryan is a hottie. I think he did an amazing job on the National Anthem and I would prefer he have the words written on his hand then making up his own. I thought he sounded great.

I wish I would have a black kitten cross my path today because I would surely adopt it!!!

viridian said...

I was clueless bout Friday the 13th too! Only two cups of coffee so far, time for more.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Teleporting...I'd go for that! Guess I'm getting old, I have no clue who Luke Bryan is or what he looks like. :)

I have my very own black kitten out in the back yard. She just helped me water the flowers! Have a great day and weekend!

retired not tired said...

We visited the Adams' residences in Quincy this morning and until we saw our reflection in the mirror and heard her story about the horseshoe we didn't realize it was Friday the 13th. Have a good one!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Me too, I was also clueless about the 13th today! My day always starts with blogging. I don't drink coffe or tea, only on rare occassions. I agree, no socks with his sandles. I don't know who Pitball is. I will have to look into them. Have a nice weekend.

RoryBore said...

teleporting! that would be a very handy skill! I've tried that Cinnaberry colour - love it!

Hilary said...

teleporting - now I can use that talent!


If I was superstitious about black cats, I'd be in deep doo-doo...I have a black cat and we cross paths several times a day.

I too think that socks and sandals are all kinds of wrong!!!!

As for songs....I like Guns n Roses...not really embarrassed to admit it, but it still startles my grown kids that I admit some of their songs I still play LOUD.

Great post. I just now catching up from last week's comments since my little stint with genealogy research taking me away from blog visiting.

annie said...

Thanks for stopping by! I frequently wish I could teleport. I'm jealous of the way Mario could warp to different worlds in the Nintendo game. Why hasn't anyone come up with that?