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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Talking About The Weather

My poor Tigers! The rain has just been following them all post season! Yes, I know it hasn’t just been the Tigers, but they’ve played in rain so much already. Today’s game was supposed to start at a little after four, now the expected start is 5:45. The radar says the rain should be out of the way soon and then time for the grounds crew to prep the field. I hope against all hope that getting the cats wet makes them mad enough to wipe up the field with the Rangers today!

One good thing I can say about the rain delay is that it has resulted in a long pregame show! Although after seeing/hearing them both as on-camera talent, I always thought the 90s Dodger that would retire into National broadcasting was Mike Piazza, I’d still rather SEE Eric Karros! I mean that too. Vocally, he has a twinge of surfer in his voice. He should have a deeper voice. He also predicted the Rangers would win last night. All in all, I’d be happier if he just sat and smiled. Not saying anything naughty here. His wife’s in California, my husband’s at work and I’m just looking. There are no calories in looking at the dessert menu and besides, I’m thinking about how he’d be even better than just eye-candy if he had David’s personality, brain, voice, eyes…. Okay, I guess what I mean is when there is a triple chocolate decadence cake on the dessert menu and it’s what you always have, it’s okay to read about the baklava, but then you still go with the decadence because it’s chocolate and chocolate is always the best choice. I’ve been married long enough to look at the baklava once in a while now. (And when the rain delay puts the dessert menu in front of you, you can’t help but look!) :)

I ought to be clear that in the previous metaphor, Karros is baklava because he’s of Greek heritage and David is Chocolate Decadence because you are what you eat. Rain delays suck. Now I’m craving chocolate. Not metaphorically right now! I’m thinking M&Ms.

Since David is working the late shift tonight, and although not rainy, it’s gloomy looking here, we ran some errands and did groceries before lunch. This is where the pack of M&Ms came from! We’ve finished buying the ammo for this year's “candy bombs,” the ammo is the candy that goes in the bags that we give out to the trick or treaters. The term “candy bomb” is from Kaline’s blog. Her interpretation of how I managed to fend of the scary ladybugs and cheerleaders that were trying to get her and Baggle our first Halloween in Ohio. I’m in my glory on Halloween here! We had maybe 6 kids where I was in Michigan that dwindled to nothing by early in the first decade of the century. Our kids have been growing in number since that Halloween in 2007 and last year we were up to 148! So, I’m making 150 bombs this year, plus the extra candy bowl, I think because it’s a Monday, it might be a smaller crowd this year, but last year was still a school night. We might be becoming known for our treats!

Okay, I think I’m going to make a pot of soup. They’ve changed it from a 5:45 start to an indefinite delay.

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Edna B said...

I just got caught up here, and I love your baseball photos, especially the panorama. I've never seen one before. Very nice! I also just love that Tigers umbrella!! That is so cute!

If you're looking for a hand held scanner like mine, check out hsn.com. A new model has just come out with new features. Once you remember to "turn it on" it's a very handy little gadget. It's a great size, and will fit right into your carry bag. Even better, the price has not gone up. Good luck!

My photowalk day turned out just gorgeous. It was mostly bright and sunny with the rain holding off until I got home. Tootsie and I had a fantastic day out. I'll be watching for some of your photos.

Now I have to watch Jeopardy. I'm not sure why I like watching it. Even though I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable, this show makes me seem quite dumb. I don't get to answer many questions unless the young school kids are on. Go figure! Have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.