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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

David’s Home!

David had part of his last vacation week of the year left and was scheduled to start taking it last Wednesday. I didn’t go this time. With going to the Tigers game Monday and honestly, just baseball distractions right now, I needed a couple days to really get down to completing my school work for the week. I can’t type up papers while railfanning and I have a hard time making myself pay attention to my books while baseball is on.

So, I did get my school questions done by late Friday, so I could get a few hours of sleep before going up to the Motherland to spend the day with my Dad. We went to the apple orchard near him and I brought home a peck of Galas and a peck of snow apples. Pop suggested the snow apples and he was spot on. Those are some fabulous apples, super sweet with a touch of tart. Just awesome! We also stopped at the winery tasting area there. I brought home a bottle of hard cider!

Sheri, who lives a bit closer to Pop than me, joined us for dinner so we could trade her glasses that were left in my car and my memory card that I loaned her on Worldwide Photo Walk. Pop did grilled veggies with bread crumbs, YUM! He did zucchini, tomatoes and ancient sweet peppers. Everyone laughed at me when I loaded up my plate with veggies, but Pop makes my favorites when I visit! He jokes that if he doesn’t have plenty of zucchini I won’t come see him. He sent a half dozen zucchini home with me too! I got home just in time for the first rain delay in the first ALCS game. It was a long enough rain delay for me to get the veggies and apples in and put away and make my “’my home and safe” calls.

Sunday was a day of scrapping and apple chips! Tori and Rina have loved apple chips for, hmm, forever! Mom bought some apple chips when they were little and they loved them. After apple picking, she pulled out the dehydrator and sliced apples to try to make them at home, without any sugar or chemicals. The girls decided they were even better. I inherited Mom’s dehydrator and kept on making them. Just before I moved, the dehydrator got knocked off the counter and broke. Last year, after we’d all gone 3 years without the naturally addictive chips, I got a new dehydrator! This dehydrator makes apple chips in 12 hours! Mom’s took 3 days. So, one almost full peck of Galas, I ate a few, are now 3-1/2 quart bags of apple chips. The girls know and they are excited to be coming over for the first weekend in November!

David was going to leave for his abbreviated vacation Tuesday night after work, but opted for leaving Wednesday morning before I was even up. We went to the ALDS game on Monday and didn’t get home until 2:00 in the morning! Why on earth would they START a game at 8:30 on a Monday?

Nani and David at the ALDS game 3

It was an exciting game and just an electric atmosphere! I got an email from the Tigers a few days later with an opportunity to tag myself in a photo from that game. They did a panoramic composite of the crowd that you can zoom in on exact spots and find yourself. Very cool! I’d never seen a photo of myself watching a baseball game before.

Okay, I’m finding that a sure way to take all night writing a blog is to write during commercials while watching a baseball playoff game. After dropping the first two to Texas, the Tigers are looking much better tonight. As I’ve said to some questioning Red Sox fans, down 2-0 is nothing. The Red Sox came back from 3-0 in 2004. We take the three at home and then finish it in Arlington. We started tonight.

I’ll try to get my best photos from Frankenmuth up in the next couple of days. In the meantime, GO TIGERS!


seamhead gypsy said...

Just a quick apple question Nani....are the snow apples anything like the Honeycrisp apples? Honeycrisps are only available in the fall and were developed by either Wisconsin University or Michigan...I forget which....but they're good!

Nani said...

They are snow something or something snow apples. I need to give my Dad a call because they aren't listed on the Spicer Orchards site. But I'm pretty sure they are a hybrid. :)

seamhead gypsy said...

Please do find out for me. I had heard of a new apple being developed that wouldn't be ready until this year. I think your snow something apple might be it. The honeycrisp is a hybrid also. And who ever made it owns the rights to it. I think that means it's ok for you to grow it in your back yard, but the owner of an orchard would have to pay a rights fee.