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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photo Walk Pics

Finally, huh? I was out of town, just got home this afternoon. David ‘s been working some extra days and had some less traditional days off and was making plans to go to Tennessee to get photos of the Franklin Minerals train. It’s not like it was really planned on my part, I said, “Can I come?” And well, I went.

As I understand it, railfans with railfan wives aren’t super common. Some of us aren’t near as passionate about the trains as our husbands, but chasing trains is not just getting to enjoy the trains, which we do, it's "us time." Many of us photograph them too and many of our railfan friends who are couples will send their train photo Christmas Cards with a photo credit that’s sometimes him and sometimes her. David and I used to do 2 cards in each envelope, but since we’ve been married we do one card, the best snow shot from an adventure we went on together. In addition to the trains, a railfan wife gets to enjoy travel to scenic places both natural and man-made and time, often one on one time, with your mate. Yes, David and I have time together at home, but while the TV is on, I’m scrapping, he’s playing computer games and the cats are demanding attention, it's not the same as the time alone talking about everything and anything from the serious to the silly while we’re waiting for a train. When you can both really smile after a weekend together like that, you know you chose well when you selected a partner for life!

So, now to those Photo Walk shots!

Sheri and I did our photo walk for Worldwide Photo Walk Day in Frankenmuth, Michigan, on Saturday, October 1. Unfortunately, we’d planned to do our photos before dinner and it was cloudy and cold! We took photos anyway, answering the challenge of the light, but to an extent taking advantage of no shadows and some interior shots too. Still, my favorites of my photos were taken after dinner, when there was sun!

This is, in my opinion, my best shot of the day, taken on the way out after dinner.

Bavarian Inn all dressed up for fall!

Here are some others:

Bavarian Inn (taken from Zhender's parking lot)

Sculpture: Hobie’s Dilemma
Artist: Douglas Gruizenga

Sculpture: Semaphore
Artist: Brian Ferriby

Horse-drawn carriage stand

I think the horses are trained to pose for photos!

Frankenmuth Visitor’s Center

Frankenmuth Cheese Haus

Hay! A Turkey!
At the corner near the Bronner’s parking lot.

Even if not all sunny and not at all warm, Frankenmuth in the fall is a giant photo op! It was a great place for a Photo Walk!

1 comment:

Edna B said...

Wow,super photos! What a great place for a photo walk! I like all the photos, but I agree that the first shot of the Bavarian Inn is just exquisite. The colors are just wonderful.

It's good to have fun things in common with your life partner. Your train photo trips sound like so much fun.

My hubby used to look forward to weekends and yard sales. We would spend all day going from one yard sale to another, buy bits of junk and treasures here and there. The fun we had was priceless.

You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.