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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bedtime and Smell the Coffee!

It really does work for bedtime as well as wake up! I have to tell you about my new sponsor link. Please keep reading! I’m not going to tell you what you should buy, or even to buy at all. I’ll encourage you to take a look and I’m going to tell you what I’m going to buy!

ROASTe is a wonderful site to check out if you’re a coffee lover, like me! But think about it. It’s less than a week before Halloween. The holidays are coming! I’m thinking spoil the guests I entertain or a host gift for Mom when you eat her Thanksgiving feast. What about gifts for Christmas or Hanukah? See where I’m going with this? I’d love it if you find something you’d like from ROASTe, that’s where the fund for Carla’s Obedience School is fueled, but I think it’s just so cool to have my “coffee shop” sponsored by a real coffee site! And ROASTe is a site I’m truly honored to support, if for no other reason than the wonderful selection of flavored decafs!

I know, you’re probably wondering if I’m abandoning my Keurig Brewer, NEVER! I love that thing! In fact, ROASTe does carry K-Cups too, but I also have the adapter to make my own K-cup filters from any coffee I want, including the more Nani flavored decafs. Oh, and, ROASTe had that same adapter in their accessories. It truly is one stop for great coffee and anything you’d need to make it your great coffee.

When the weather gets colder, I really like a fancy cup of flavored coffee at night, but I don’t want the caffeine as a bed time drink! Ready-made K-Cups in flavored decaf are very limited and not flavors of which I’m very fond. Right on the home page at ROASTe, there is a coffee profile. I clicked decaf and flavored, then clicked the start brewing button. The first coffee on the page is Caramel Crunch decaf. Caramel Crunch? Its coffee heaven!

The coffees are all reviewed, not by the coffee sellers and not my the coffee companies, but they are reviewed by customers who’ve purchased and tried them You can try a specific grind or whole bean, regular and decaf, dark roast, even espresso, or light. You can also search by origin of the beans, the flavor notes present in the coffee or by specific coffee roaster.

So, my cart has a bag of the Decaf Caramel Crunch and one of the Decaf Classic Cookie, resisting the coffee flavor syrups, noticing the Keurig adapter I have is the same price I paid for it a year ago and thinking seriously about the silicone lid that makes any regular coffee mug a to go cup. I made sure to click the banner in the bulletin board and get the code for my 10% off. I’ll tell you all about my experience as a customer after I try my first cup of Caramel Crunch decaf!

Mmm... Can't wait!

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