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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Plush Enough to Drive Barefoot

“Mats, mats, mats…” That was the happy song my Mom sang right after she got her new Cougar. It was sung to the tune of a Motley Crue song, Mom did not have common taste for a woman in her 50s, but that’s another blog. When she got the Cougar, a car she loved, it didn’t have floor mats. This was something Mom didn’t understand. How could a NEW car not have mats? The first thing her new car had to have was floor mats to protect the carpet!

If that had been today, I would have suggested to her to hop on the Internet and get the perfect car mats! I love the Internet for that, being able to shop around, around everywhere, to find just what you want. She would have totally found and loved GG Bailey!

GG Bailey does mats, quality and custom car mats. I checked out their site just to see if they could create something with pizzazz or at least class, for my car, a 16-year-old muscle car. Wow – I couldn’t believe the choices, yes, choices, available for a 1994 Camaro! Rich, soft, plushes, patterns, any color you could think of for a floor mat and trimming. I can even have a monogram or the GM logo on my mats!

One thing that’s really cool is the custom sizing. You tell them what car you drive, the year, make, model, type of that model. I can go to the auto parts store and find mats in black or blue, maybe red and they are “this size fits most…” At GG Bailey, I clicked a few drop down menus that appeared as I made the previous choice and, well the last question was if my car was the convertible, coupe or special model in 1994. These mats will NOT roll up under the pedals because they aren’t quite the right size! I can also have the reinforced heel mat. I can tell you that the reinforcement is exactly where my mats wear out first, and where the hole in my carpet is from driving a few years without car mats! I kinda feel like they asked themselves, “What would make our mats what NANI needs?” That’s always a great feeling!

If you need car mats or if you are in the market for a home floor mat or pet mat, GG Bailey is a great place to start your Mac or Windows shopping!

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