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Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Than Words Take 2!

I am so sorry about needing to re-list this freebie! As a rule, I only use all lower-case passwords. Also, after having lost entire blogs years ago when typing directly into the online window, I type my blogs in MS Word, then cut and past the content into the box in the browser to publish. The problem with that is that the Word program on my laptop auto-corrects and automatically capitalizes any word that begins a paragraph or comes after a period. That’s the source of the password trouble I've been having. Word capitalizes the passwords, I don’t and passwords are case-sensitive at 4Shgared!

Going forward, I’ll try to pay closer attention to that! But please, if you try a password from this blog and it doesn’t work, drop a note in the comments. Also, if the password starts with a capital letter, try it with a lower-case letter!

For today, let’s try More Than Words again! I only had 9 downloads, likely from people who typed in the password rather than cut and paste and typed it “wrong” (which was right!)

Click preview for the download
Password is shouts (no caps!)

I hope anyone that wanted this set has an easier time getting it now!!

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