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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day!

Mmmm! Black Forest Pie!
(click image for the recipe!)

Yes, Pi Day is a geek holiday, but geeks know how to party!! We’ll need 3.14 of those for the holiday dessert! Hehe

It’s been a pretty good weekend for me getting a few things done. It’s college basketball tournament time! Yaaaaayyyawwwnnn. Oh nothing at all against the college athletes playing. I know that there are a LOT more college basketball players who use the free degrees they got to make a honest regular living like the rest of us and these tournament games are part of the road to the highest basketball high they’ll ever have a chance to receive. It’s just that I don’t find NBA basketball to be much of a thrill either. That being said, the TV is in plain view from the table where I usually park to scrapbook and I’ve seen lots of basketball whenever I look up and the endings of some of the games have been pretty exciting. Still, it’s a good thing the tournament will be over before Opening Day or the next new episode of Degrassi!


I’m about half way through the rough drafts for the Journal Camp text. There is no way I’d do something that lasts for more than one blog entry without having at least the first draft done on all of them. That’s why I haven’t announced a date yet. I’m still on plan to announce the dates and start promoting it by the end of the week.

I’m finding out that there IS a method to my journal madness after all. That makes setting up a program a lot easier and I really think I can provide some tips and lessons that can help others. If anyone reads this has trouble journaling or considers it the most agonizing part of scrapbooking, you should come to Journal Camp! Even if you journal well, come for the challenges and the freebies!


David is feeling better after a nice relaxing day yesterday. I did some extra cooking and kitchen clean-up with him home and not feeling so well and, like I pay to have the driveway plowed once in a while to do my share where I can, since he wasn’t really up to helping out yesterday, he took me out to breakfast this morning! I had a spinach and feta omelet made with egg beaters at our favorite local family restaurant and he had eggs and sausage.

After we got home, I pulled out the box of photos in the treasures I brought back from Grandma’s house. Yes, that box is FULL of photos, most black and white and most I’ve never seen before. There are a lot more pictures of Papa in his Navy uniform than I thought there were and so many pictures of Grandma at 15-18 years old! That shouldn’t surprise me. My Great-Grandfather, Dad-dad, was a big photography hobbyist! There are pictures of both of my great-great-great grandparents on my maternal all the way down side. One that was especially cool was a picture of Baby Grandma sitting on her paternal grandfather’s knee. That would be my maternal-maternal-paternal great-great-grandfather, a man of whom I’d never even seen a photo before today. Pretty cool!

Okay. I need to get my minimum layouts for the day done…and get over this incredible craving for pie!


Edna B said...

Good morning. I'm just dropping by to tell you that you have an award waiting for you at my place. I'll be back, gotta see about getting the water out of my cellar. A foot of it!!! Have a great day and stay warm and dry. Hugs, Edna B.

Edna B said...

I've just had a chance to get caught up here, and am enjoying it tremendously. I am so fascinated with your stories. And the old photos!!! I love them. When my mother in law was moving (quite some time ago) I helped to clean up her place, and rescued a large batch of photos. Wht a treasure!!

Now for that hospital receipt - that $90 was a lot of money bck then. I remember back then. A lot of us used to put cardboard in our shoes when the sole wore out. No one had much money because of the war. But in 1945 the war ended and I remember the huge neighborhood street parties to celebrate!! We even brought out our victrola for music to dance by. That September, I started the first grade in school.

Oh dear, now you've got me started!! As for your Journal Camp, sign me up!! I am terrible at journaling, so I hope to learn quite a bit.

Tell me, do you use Photoshop? If so, let me know what version. Maybe I can help you out with colors. A friend showed me, and I can pass it along.

I'm hoping that David is feeling much better by now, and that you do not have to catch the cold.

Now I'm off to see how the water downstairs is doing. Have a fantabulous day my friend.
Hugs, Edna B.