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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If I Was On My Own

I’ve always lived in a house. Then again I’ve always lived with someone, so the choice was either not mine or not entirely mine. In a lot of ways I envy my good friend, Heather.

I liked her last apartment. Our group of friends has many great games night memories there. It was a nice, small apartment, perfect for one person, but with plenty of room to put a leaf in the table and seat eight of us comfortably

Heather has been an apartment dweller for a while. She’s in a new one that I haven’t visited yet, but I bet I’ll like it. She has great taste and brings that taste into nice apartments in safe neighborhoods. If you go to a place like apartmentgrade.com to get apartment rating, I bet you’d find every place she’s ever rented high on any list! Not everyone has a Heather to steer them to the best, that’s why we all have apartmentgrade.com!

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