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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yoyo Shop - Yo! Christmas Is Coming!

Yo! I mean yo-yo !

I remember Christmas as a kid. There was always a yo-yo in my stocking. What a great memory! There was always candy, lip balm, jewelry and other small toys, but from an age too young to really know how to use a yo-yo to the age where it was cool to learn tricks and everyone at school had them, my brother and I got yoyos every year. I usually got the butterfly shaped one. Those were my favorite because they’re easy to use. I usually had mine open from the packaging and played with by the end of Christmas dinner. It was one of the small gifts that was easy to take along to my Grandmother’s house!

Yo Yo Shop is based in the UK and they have a fabulous selection of yoyos! My inner child perked right up when I opened the age! They have fro beginner to pro models. I was pleased to see butterfly type yo-yos in each category. I’d hate to think after all these years that the tricks I learned were easier because I had a beginner model and not because I practiced them! I wasn’t too shabby a yo-yoer in 5th grade! Yo Yo Shop delivers within the UK for free, but they do ship worldwide. They have a section of yo-yo videos too. In fact many of the beginner models come with instructional CDs or DVDs. I didn’t have the benefit of step-by-step instructions to learn “Around the World”. Maybe I could have mastered “Walk the Dog.”

A yo-yo is a great stocking stuffer and a fun toy no matter what the holiday weather. Yo YO shop is an excellent choice for quick and easy shopping with plenty of time to get that perfect stocking stuffer ready to wrap - Yo!

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