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Sunday, October 25, 2009

We’re Gonna Be New Parents!

Carla Yastrzemski “Yaz” schmoozing for a new home

We went to Paws and Whiskers today thinking we’d be meeting and possible taking home a handsome 5-year old Siamese named Carl. Unfortunately, sweet as Carl is to humans, he is a one-cat-household boy. He doesn’t play too well with other cats! Kaline and Baggle would not be too eager to welcome a new brother with a nasty temper! Even when Kaline plays tough-cat, she really isn’t truly nasty. So, Carl was not the cat of destiny I thought he was when I emailed his profile to David while he was on railfanning vacation this past week. David grew up with and loved Siamese cats and had said he wanted to name the next cat after Carl Yastrzemski, his baseball hero as a kid. We held and cuddled with him a little but also saw him pick a couple scraps with the other cats.

Paws and Whiskers is a very cool shelter. They are cats only and no-kill. Every cat who finds themselves at Paws and Whiskers will find a loving home and be as spoiled as one can be living in a cage while they are there. The cats come out of those cages and run around at the shelter, so they don’t live 24/7 in a cage and the people who work there love cats. They all get attention and playtime too. After accepting that Carl was not the right cat for our home, we stayed and met and played with a few cats. There are so many sweet kitties there. As we pulled cats out of their units or reached down to pet the ones already out and about, we realized that deciding if one was right for us wouldn’t be easy.

I was flirting with a calico kitten and her tortoise littermate. Now, the kittens weren’t a real consideration. David and I agreed that if we got a shelter-cat, it would be an adult cat. Cute little kittens will have a much easier time finding a home. There were quite a few of the cats who stopped and gave us a rub or a bump, but two of them were especially attentive and appealing.

Shannon is a 3-year-old brown tabby who was raised as a foster cat after her pregnant mother was found in a dumpster in a box with three other cats. She was adopted for a couple of years but returned because she became irate with the kids in the house. No one was sure why she came to dislike kids so much, but she is an otherwise sweetheart. She just needs a home without kids. Well, okay, we have that.

Sassy is a year-old black cat. She was too young to be pregnant and roaming the streets. A woman had taken her in to have her kittens before taking her to Paws and Whiskers. Sadly, she’d had it pretty rough in the streets and her kittens didn’t make it. She’s spayed now, so there won’t be more kittens and she is just a cuddly little girl in need of loving home.

It really did come down to Shannon or Sassy. Shannon was sweet and attentive when we went to her, but Sassy was the one who kept coming back to us. She sold herself well! Right now, there is a promotion for adopting black or black and white cats. The $70 adoption fee is cut to a $40 sponsored fee. So, when the decision was made, the cat who really worked it was a less-expensive sponsored cat.

The reduced cost for the adoption had nothing to do with our choice. Sassy was the cat who wanted us the most. But because we were deciding between the two, we spent the full adoption fee and put the difference into sponsoring Shannon. Now Shannon, who didn’t come to live with us, is a sponsored $40 to adopt cat.

Look at this lovely little girl!

Shannon is now a sponsored cat at Paws and Whiskers
She is sweet, calm and cuddly. The only reason she didn’t come home with us too, is that we had 3 cats and know we can provide the love they need and keep up with cleaning litter boxes and keeping the food and water socked. We had four cats all together for a while. We know that’s too many for us. If not for that knowledge, we’d have taken Shannon too! So, I can tell you that whoever adopts her will get a price break and a great cat!

If you are in the Toledo area or if you pass through and have been thinking about opening your heart to the purrs and cuddles of a feline companion, stop at Paws and Whiskers and meet Shannon!

Now, as for Sassy…

Her name is no longer Sassy. We’re going to christen her Carla Yastrzemski when she gets here. We’ll call her Yaz. It’s in the same way that Kaline is Alexis Kaline and we call her by her middle name. I noticed that the cats at the shelter really don’t respond to the names they’re given at the shelter. There are so many of them and so many names, they really don’t have the chance to know the sound of their names before they find homes Even so, the transition from the “Sas” sound and the “Yaz” sound should be pretty easy. We get to pick her up Sunday evening, the day after Halloween or on Monday. The shelter has a policy that black cats adopted just before Halloween can’t go home until after Halloween. There are actually people who would adopt a shelter cat as a decoration and then either take them back, or worse, just set them out and send them away. If Yaz decides she’d like to sit in the window and watch kids in costume, she’ll just have to wait until next year to participate in the holiday. If it keeps creeps from “buying” a cat as a decoration and not as a pet, we’re all for the rule and more than willing to wait to bring Carla Yaz home! If Baggle and Kaline are a good example, I don’t see why anyone would think a cat would stay anywhere “decorative” when people come to the house anyway!

So, we’ll be starting November with the loving growls and hisses of the kids getting to know and get used to a new sister and by Christmas we’ll be telling three cats that the Christmas tree isn’t a playground and Baby Jesus is for the nativity and not a cat-toy!

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