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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Very Hard Day

Yesterday was a rough day. Lots of negative things happening.

I visited Grandma in the earlier part of the afternoon. It was a nice visit, but not one of her better days. I’ve been spoiled by seeing her so often on her really good days. Those conversations are like the ones I’ve always had with her. Yesterday, the conversation was a bit more disjointed. She was doing well remembering people and places, but was having difficulty staying focused and changed the subject of our conversation in midstream, picking up a conversation I wasn’t in! Those are the days that drain rather than energize me when I visit, but I still enjoy my visits with her.

After seeing Grandma, I met Scotty. We were going to see John in the hospital before dinner. I’m saddened that John is not at all doing well. When we were leaving the hospital after seeing him Saturday, I asked Scott if he was ready to quit smoking now. John has emphysema from years of smoking. Yesterday he was in a breathing mask with a morphine drip. When I spoke to his sister last night, she told me his time is very short. My dear friend, a big brother to me for the last 28 years, will be leaving us very soon.

John, me and Scotty at John's 50th birthday party earlier this year

Dinner started out very quiet for Scott and me. We’ve been a pretty tight family for years. This is scary. It hurts. We all just celebrated John’s 50th birthday this year. January 16 will be a hard date for us in 2010.

A stop at Trader Joe's when I was in Novi was a bright spot in the day. There are some things that I really like that I can only find there, only there for a reasonable price anyway. So I came home with a large grocery tote with some special stuff.

After I pulled in, while I was unlocking the door, our neighbor from across the street came into the driveway. He apologized for the intrusion, but said he had sad news. Then he asked if we had a black cat. One had been hit by a car and died. It was crossing the street from our house.

I was a bit shaken. I told him we have a tuxedo who is mostly black. My mind was racing. There was a stray, or anyway an outdoor black cat, that I’d seen in the back yard a few times, a skittish cat that ran when anyone looked like they were going to come near. But just a couple weeks ago while David was bringing something in the house, Baggle stepped outside in the driveway. David told him to get back inside and he gently walked back up the step and into the house, but could he have snuck out while I was leaving to see Grandma?

Our neighbor asked for a description of Baggle’s markings. He said he’d check out the body to see if it matched. I said he was a 16-pound cat with a white chest and paws. Right off the bat , when I said 16 pounds, the neighbor said he didn’t think it was him. He told me he’d look at the body and if he didn’t come back, that was good news, it wasn’t a match and he’d continue to see if he could find the cat’s owners. I shook his hand and thanked him for coming over to let me know.

Too big, not enough black fur - THANK GOODNESS!

When I went in the house, Kaline was in the dining room watching the door. No Baggle. My heart raced. I called him and shook the treat bag, sure he was home, but needing to see him. Baggle walked in around the sofa in all his beautiful fat-cat glory. I showered him in scritches. “You have no idea how glad I am to see you tonight, Baggle Buddy!”

Our kids are house cats, that is exactly why. We live on a 35 MPH road near the corner of a 50 MPH main road. It’s just way too dangerous for domestic animals to roam outside. The city wildlife, bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels are not domestic but acclimated and they don’t even always win. Domestic animals take greater chances because they trust people. Even the ones who animals really can trust, can’t necessarily see them quick enough to react in a car. If that is the stray we sometimes see in our yard, I don’t know if it does have a human family. It was always a scaredy-cat whenever anyone tried to approach it.

After the rough visit with Grandma, disheartening news about John and the scare with Baggle, last night was a night for a good cry, and extra treats and hugs for the kids.

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Noelle said...

I'm so sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. At least Baggle was ok. I have done the treat thing myself. I have to count kitty heads before I leave each day. Kieran...Joey...Elly...ok, we're good. I don't know if you remember my cat Annie, the deaf white cat with Diabetes. I'd periodically see a white cat outside and panic thinking she'd gotten out. She was always home waiting for me, but I still had that fear she wasn't safe.