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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Make It Like Mama!

Okay, the first thing I’ll say is YUM!

The next thing I want to do is tell you about the Dr. Oetker Kitchen Makeover Contest. You can win a $20,000 kitchen makeover or one of 8 great second place prizes. You just have to visit Savory Moments to enter your PIN and get a bonus PIN when you sign up. The PINs for the contest are on boxes of of Dr Oetker’s Casa Di Mama pizzas.

Now there is a contest catch. It’s a Canadian company and the sweepstakes is open to Canadian residents only, but this American woman has already signed up for the Savory Moments newsletter and bookmarked the site!

In the Casa Di Mama tab, right after a scrumptious-looking featured Casa Di Mama Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza is a recipe for tzadziki! I love tzadziki! There is also a beer suggestion to go with Ultimate Pepperoni pizza, a lemon cream cheesecake recipe for dessert. There ’s also a tip on making it an ultimately warm and relaxing pizza evening! There is a full feature for both Ristorante and Casa Di Mama featured pizzas and a link to past features, like a tasty online library!

Of course, if you’re in Canada, treat yourself to their fabulous gourmet pizzas and keep entering PINs to win that “Make It Like Mama” giveaway for a full $20,000 kitchen makeover. The contest runs until January 4, 2010. You can sample Ultimate Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Meat,Cheese, Deluxe, try them all and try the ones you like best again! Then log on to your account and enter those PINs!

If you are a winner, let me know - But I’m going to ask for an invite to have one of those Casa Di Mama pizzas in your new kitchen!


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